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Conceptions of Freedom III: Religion

27 June 2017, 6:00 pm–8:00 pm


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Join the UCL Institute of Advanced Studies and the European Institute for the third event in the Conceptions of Freedom discussion series.
Tuesday 27 June, 6pm-8pm

Tuesday 27th June

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IAS Common Ground South Wing
Wilkins Building
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In the third discussion of a series on Conceptions of Freedom, Christopher Jamison, a Benedictine monk and former Abbott of Worth Abbey, and Remona Aly, a British Muslim commentator on questions of faith and identity, will reflect on the understanding of freedom in various religions, and what both theology and religious practice have to tell us about the limits and possibilities of personal autonomy, and the role of religious codes in enabling or inhibiting individual choice. Christopher Jamison became well-known through the BBC TV series, The Monastery; and Remona Aly is a frequent contributor to The Guardian and BBC Radio.

The premise of the series is that "freedom" is hardly a unitary category, and that the theories we have to talk about it often don't capture either the lived experience of "being free," or the complex relationship between external liberty and internal autonomy. We would therefore like to think about the various meanings and templates of freedom, as these are conceived in various bodies of thought and practice: psychoanalytic, religious, scientific or artistic, as well as the more familiar traditions of political philosophy -- and the light they throw on conceptions of freedom implicit in contemporary democracies.

Conceptions of Freedom is conceived and chaired by Eva Hoffman, Visiting Professor at the UCL European Institute, in collaboration with the UCL Institute of Advanced Studies.

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