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The Mitzvah Project

16 January 2017, 12:00 am

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A one-person play dramatically exploring the story of the 'mischlinge' - 'partial Jews' who served in the German armed forces - organised by actor (and child of survivor) Roger Grunwald.

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Monday 16 January
Bloomsbury Studio
15 Gordon Street

The Mitzvah Project is a combination of theater, history lesson and conversation in which actor and child of Holocaust survivor, Roger Grunwald, explores one of the most shocking aspects of the Jewish experience during the Second World War. Through the story of Christoph Rosenberg, a German half-Jew, The Mitzvah, a one-person drama - created with director and co-author Annie McGreevey - reveals the surprising history of tens of thousands of German men known as "mischlinge" - the derogatory term the Nazis used to characterize those descended from one or two Jewish grandparents - who served in Hitler's army. Grunwald's lecture delves deeper into the history that produced these mischling-soldiers - men who were the product of two centuries of German-Jewish assimilation, intermarriage, conversion and the striving of a people committed to calling the German Fatherland their home. After the lecture, Mr. Grunwald leads a discussion with the audience. The Mitzvah Project engages a number of socio-historical issues: - Who decides what culture, race and ethnicity mean?  - If you're not one of us you're "the other." Demonization, genocide and war. - What is identity -- who decides?

For more information please visit http://www.themitzvah.org/