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UCL-French Embassy Débat: Energy

30 March 2011, 12:00 am

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30 March, 17:00, Roberts G06 Ambrose Fleming LT.

Fourth event in the UCL-French Embassy Conférence-Débat Series 2010/2011.

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Anticipating future energy consumption is a prerequisite for many major economic and policy decisions. How best to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to mitigate the human-induced component of global warming? How best to stimulate the pace of development of alternative sources of energy and of less carbon- or energy-hungry machines and buildings? Policy development and technological innovation to reduce demand struggles to meet the challenge, often to good effect at the local, regional or national level, but falling way short of the mark in terms of internationally-agreed actions.

The 4th UCL-French Embassy event provides a unique opportunity to hear and question the perspectives and analyses of two influential figures who are well-qualified to address this hugely important issue for people and the planet: on the Supply side, Vincent de Rivaz, the CEO of London-based EDF Energy; on the Demand side, Rob Lowe, Deputy Director of the UCL Energy Institute.

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