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New Students

There are a number of administrative tasks that must be completed at the start of your programme which we have summarised below in order to help you ensure that you do not miss anything vital.

1. University Enrolment

This is your first task. You will not be able to do anything else until you have completed this process. Find details on enrolment and more at:

2. Information Services

Once you have enrolled, you must register with UCL Information Services in order to obtain your computer user ID and password. You will need these in order to access any UCL IT facilities, including your UCL email account, which will be used for all university communication. You will also need your ID and password to log into Portico, which is another essential tool (see below for further details).

3. Induction

General induction sessions are held at the beginning of each academic year cover the following topics:

  • How to register for central UCL computing services
  • UCL email
  • Cluster rooms
  • Printing
  • Network access in Halls and through Roamnet
  • Portico access
  • Helpdesk
  • Training and e-learning opportunities


Portico is UCL’s student information service and you will need it for the following:

  • To maintain your contact details – this is the only record that is kept of your details, so it is very important to make sure that they are correct. Otherwise you may miss important information that is sent out both by your department and by central services such as Registry or the library.
  • To check and update your financial situation such as for payment of tuition fees
  • To officially sign up for your courses, known as Module Registration
  • To re-enrol (for students on courses longer than one year, including part-time students)
  • To check assessment results