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Security Guidance for Project Work and Standard Specifications

The UCL Security department is responsible for the policies and procedures that define our approach and response to security concerns; with responsibility for the provision of building attendants, security personnel and the on-going management, support and maintenance of security measures - including physical locks on doors, electronic access control, intercom systems, CCTV systems and alarm monitoring.

It is essential that UCL Security is involved at an early stage of the design process in all project work. We would ask that you seek our guidance on all security measures, both to inform the design with regard to general security concerns, and also for detailed technical specifications. Particularly in relation to the following:

  • Reception and main entrance designs
  • Provision of Security personnel
  • Approach to building perimeter security
  • Use and specification of electronic systems - CCTV, access control, intercoms and alarm systems
  • Security equipment locations
  • Use and specification of mechanical locking devices - office locks, ironmongery and panic hardware, etc
  • Communication throughout the project with regard to any changes in requirements
  • Advanced notice of handover dates and arrangements

Through this involvement, our aim is to work with the project design team to aid the smooth running of the project, whilst ensuring that new work fits in with our standard approach and is properly supported for the future, by our existing infrastructure.

Security Involvement in Estates Projects

This document details how we see our role in defining standards, and helping progress UCL Estates project work.

Standard Specifications

Electronic Access Control

UCL has an extensive Gallagher Security System controlling a large number of doors, turnstiles and lifts, in a large number of buildings.  We have in excess of 45,000 valid cardholders. This system runs over a distributed private VLAN on our IT network, with live and standby servers.  Controllers in the buildings then communicate with the server via this VLAN. Alarms are relayed to our 24/7/365 staffed Security Control Room, and the system is controlled from a number of workstations.

This system must be used to control all of our electronically locked doors.

Contact Details
Mike Dawe
Security Systems Manager
020 7679 7735

Locks and Keys

UCL has installed comprehensive master keyed locks systems for the main campus and it’s outlying buildings.  Security Systems controls centrally the specification and supply of these patented master keyed systems and holds stocks of keys in secure safes for issue.

We communicate with departments to specify their master keying requirements, then order and free issue the lock cylinders to the contractors for fitting.  We provide information and advice on specifying locks and ironmongery.

Contact Details
Jason Orchard
Assistant Security Systems Manager
020 7679 2100

CCTV System

UCL has an extensive Pelco Endura CCTV System currently recording in excess of 500 cameras, both analogue and digital IP in a large number of buildings. This system runs over a distributed private VLAN on our IT network, with a live and backup system manager. The system is then controlled and operated by our Control Room Officers who are based in the Security Control Room; the system has the capability for multiple workstations which can then be operated by security staff based permanently in selected buildings with user privileges set to the appropriate level as decided by the Control Room Manager. This system must be used for all Security CCTV Requirements.

Intruder Alarm Systems

UCL monitors a large number of intruder, panic and door alarms across its sites, alarms are relayed to our 24/7/365 staffed Security Control Room, this system runs over a distributed private VLAN on our IT network. The Control Room Manager should be contacted at the earliest opportunity to assist with the designing of any alarm based security system; this will ensure that the correct grade and user requirement system is provided. Systems will be designed according to user requirements, grading, maintenance requirements and expandability options. The current Security Alarm systems used by UCL are Risco Synopsis Panels; these panels have the ability to double up as a monitoring system which in turn gives UCL the opportunity to monitor other alarms such as fire, equipment failure and other alarms requiring a 24hr response. This system must be used for all Security Alarm Monitoring Requirements.

CCTV & Intruder Alarm Systems - Specification (PDF)

Scaffold Alarm Guidance

When scaffolding is required as part of any project at UCL, the procedure contained within the Scaffold Alarm Guidance Document must be adhered to at all times.

Scaffold Alarm Guidance - Specification(PDF)

Contact Details
Paul Hayden
Control Room Manager
020 7679 1583

Guard Tour System

UCL has a proprietary Guard1 'Pipe' guard tour system. The location of the guard tour points will be determined, and the points themselves installed, by Security staff following completion of the works.

Note regarding works commissioned directly by the security department

For small works where UCL project officers require installations to be undertaken directly by the Security Department (this might typically be minor modifications, departmental moves with minor refurbishment works etc.). We would ask that you give us as much notice as possible, and refer to the following minimum lead times:

Lock fitting and lock cylinder changes 4 weeks
Electronic access control installations 4 weeks
CCTV and alarm installations 4 weeks

These lead times are for small works only. The assumption is that larger works will form part of a main Estates project.

Please note that for all instances where a room occupation changes from one department to another, we will need to change the locks to the correct master key system sub-suite.

For urgent works we will endeavour to assist as much as possible, but please bear in mind that we are dependent on third parties for the supply and installations of systems, and in the case of master keyed locks, these are made to order.


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