Electronic Security Systems Technical Specification & Design Guidance Document

The purpose of this document is to inform UCL Estates Project Officers and design consultants of the required approach for the deployment of security systems at UCL.

The standards and specifications defined in this document should be taken as part of the Employer’s Requirements of UCL Estates. Where requirements appear to differ from, or not be covered by this document, advice from the UCL Security Systems Manager must be sought.

Content includes:

  • 1.0 Introduction
  • 2.0 Purpose of document
  • 3.0 Design process, installation and commissioning
  • 4.0 Principles of deployment
  • 4.1 Electronic access control
  • 4.2 Alarm monitoring
  • 4.3 Surveillance cameras
  • 4.4 Intercom/door entry systems
  • 5.0 Technical specifications
  • 5.1 Access control and alarm monitoring
  • 5.2 Surveillance cameras
  • 5.3 Intercom/door entry system
  • Appendix A Security System Specialist Contractor
  • Appendix B Gallagher system architecture schematic
  • Appendix C Approved lock types
  • Appendix D Miscellaneous specification details
  • Appendix E Contact details

Author Mike Dawe – Security Systems Manager

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Last updated: Wednesday, July 3, 2024

NB: If you have difficulty accessing the document, please contact your UPO, or a member of the security team.