Timetable Guidance 2020/21 Academic Year

Reference information and links available to Departments to assist Teaching and Learning Administrators for the current academic year 2020/21

Resources have been created this year to assist Teaching and Learning Administrators to plan for the upcoming Academic year 2020/21

> Timetable academic year 2020/21
> The Emergency Timetabling Policy 
Timetable Production Timeline - Academic Year 2020/21
> CMIS New Dataset Training  

Guidance for the use of teaching spaces during the 2020/21 Academic year has been widely circulated. Please refer to this copy for reference.


Virtual Teaching Clusters

Onsite PC Clusters were changed to Virtual Teaching Clusters for 2020/21 in order to maximise the number of students able to access these facilities for teaching.  This practise will continue for 2021/22.  Setting up events to use this resource is slightly different than just requesting the space as in previous years, ISD share the latest information via their Virtual PCs page. If anyone has any questions on any of this, do contact your Timetabling Business Partner in the first instance.

Education Planning 2020/21

The Education Planning 2020/21 website has information from Planning teaching and useful links to support for staff and students to prepare for the new academic year.  

Education Planning 2020/21
Town Hall FAQs

Town Hall meetings

All Faculty Town Hall meetings arranged by Central Timetabling were recorded for users to refer back to with updated FAQs.

Campus Model

To assist with creating a better allocation for the upcoming year 2021/22, we have rewritten the defined Campus and Sites, and created new Zones within the CMIS Dataset 2021/22.  

Our Campus Model details how these are designed, but we still advise Users to not add these to teaching requests for 2021/22.  Instead, the Central Timetabling Team will use these to allocate Departments events, with a view to rolling, out formally in future years.

Timetabling Business Partners

If Teaching Administrators require further assistance or have other questions not answered in the guides here, contact your Timetabling Business Partner in the first instance:


UCL Institute of Education
Faculty of Population Health Sciences

Aparna Murthy

Faculty of Brain Sciences
Faculty of the Built Environment
Centre for Languages and International Education

Barbara Wellington

Faculty of Engineering Sciences
Faculty of Laws

Michael Clarke

Faculty of Medical Sciences

James, Jacqueline jacqueline.james@ucl.ac.uk

Faculty of Life Sciences
Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences

Rashid Mukasa

Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Wendy Hawkes