Booking Parking

Pedestrian safety is the top priority across our Bloomsbury campus. Therefore, all vehicle access is restricted and must be booked in advance using the UCL vehicle management booking form. 

Parking Permits for Woburn Square are Subject to Fees

These spaces can be reserved by permit holders. Permits are purchasable from UCL Logistics for the parking spaces in Woburn Square, postcode WC1H 0NS.

A limited number of parking spaces on Woburn Square are permitted for MIP, VIP and specific contractors with a proven operationally critical need, however, there is no guarantee of a space. These spaces are on the street level and parking here is at your own risk. UCL can not be held responsible for vehicles or belongings at this car park. Due to the limited space available on campus, it is not possible for the University to meet the parking needs of staff and students. Annual parking permits can be purchased and will be allocated depending upon operational priorities. Drivers are encouraged to park off-campus in the Pay & Display car parks surrounding University College London.

Access to the Woburn Square parking spaces is restricted to vehicles who have purchased an official car parking permit. Parking charges for the bays at Woburn Square have been in place since 1 February 2022. If you are eligible to park here and wish to apply for parking please follow the steps listed below. 'Same day' bookings after 2pm will not be accepted unless business critical.

Parking Traffic Management Policy and Terms of Use

In the interests of pedestrian safety and to allow the free movement of vehicles and access to buildings in emergencies, it is important that drivers park only in allocated parking spaces. No parking is permitted on the double yellow lines adjacent to the park or crosshatching north and south of the parking area.  Maintenance of safe access routes for emergency vehicles and cyclists is a top priority for UCL and obtrusive parking is strictly prohibited.

Failure to abide by this Parking Policy will result in the withdrawal of the car park permit and may result in the issuing of a Parking Charge Notice and/or clamping if deemed appropriate.

Terms of use

  • Woburn Square Parking address: 17–18 Woburn Square, London WC1H 0NS (one the east side, close to the IoE entrance).
  • 3mph speed limit Vehicles must not cause obstruction or danger to traffic or pedestrians, for example by double parking or stopping on corners.
  • Vehicles must not park on the cross-hatched road markings.
  • All bookings must be made the day before by 2pm for next day vehicle entry requests.
  • Any bookings after 2pm will be rejected unless deemed as an emergency and business-critical.
  • Late bookings will be rejected at the entrance so do not attempt vehicle entry unless approved.
  • If you require extended parking you must explain the reasoning in detail under ‘Additional Information’.
Step 1. Book your parking space

Please complete the following form to complete your booking. All eligible bookings will be processed upon receipt of payment.

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    Step 2. Pay for your parking

    These bays will be controlled by UCL security with frequent inspections by UCL Logistics. Parking can be booked on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis. Vehicles not displaying a valid University car parking permit will be subject to the conditions above.

    Pay parking for one day

    Pay for parking for one week

    Pay for parking for one month

    Pay for parking for one year