Rooms available - Torrington Place

UCL's Torrington Place Training centre has a range of seminar and lecture rooms available for hire. Capacity ranges from 9 - 120 people from £16 per person.

Seminar room G08

Central London small meeting room G10

Capacity 12 - 18

Seminar room G09

Lecture room G09

Capacity 12 - 18

Seminar room G20

London seminar room G20

Capacity 18 cabaret style

Seminar room G10

Large London meeting room G08

Capacity 20 theatre style

Lecture Theatre room G12

UCL Venues Torrington Place Lecture room G12

Capacity 120 Lecture only 

Lecture Theatre room G13

Central London conference room G13

Capacity 120 Lecture only 

Technology space room B07

B07 UCL Venues Torrington Place Training Centre Pre Equipped Training Seminar Room Caberet Layout

Capacity 36 cabaret style

Large seminar room B08

UCL Venues Torrington Place B08

Capacity 28 - 56 

Large seminar room B09

Small lecture room B09

Capacity 32 - 62

Technology space room B21

London conference room B21

Capacity up to 16 people. 

Lecture Theatre room B17

UCL Venues Torrington Place Training Centre Lecture Hall Front View B17

Capacity 92 Lecture only