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Post-Incident Fire and Unwanted False Alarm Incidents

If you discover a fire, call the fire brigade on 999. Do not use the Incident Notification Form but follow your local fire action arrangements.

It is essential that all fires within UCL properties are reported regardless of their size and for the UCL Fire Safety Manager to investigate fire occurrences to help establish any failures in communications or equipment, organisation systems and the possible cause. Furthermore, it is equally important that we monitor unwanted alarms to identify engineering issues with fire alarm systems, look at trends & causes and to provide information to senior management and the fire brigade as well as being important statistically for insurance purposes and emergency planning to be able to monitor incidents of fire.


For the purposes of recording an incident on the form below, please use the definition of fire and unwanted false alarms below:

  • Definition of Fire (University Health & Safety Association (USHA) for recording purposes) - A fire is defined as 'an undesirable event which emits heat, smoke and/or flame, which has the potential to cause damage, may require intervention either mechanical or human or has a cost implication'.

  • Definition of an Unwanted False Fire Alarm Activation - The definition of an unwanted false alarm is - a 'fire signal resulting from a cause other than actual fire'. For example where products or particles such as: dust, smoking, steam from showers & kettles, hair spray & treatment products, cooking, toasters and microwaves, etc, activate the fire alarm system, resulting in evacuation and the fire brigade attending.

Fire Equipment

Once used, fire extinguishing equipment MUST be re-filled and serviced, so that it is available and ready for use as soon as possible. Prompt reporting is vital.

What to do next?

If you have experienced a fire of any size or unwanted fire alarm in your department, building/area under your control or in close proximity to UCL property, please complete the Incident Notification Form.

Further information and an inspection by the Fire Safety Manager and his staff may be required.

Last updated June 2011 by the UCL Fire Safety Manager


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