Bloomsbury Theatre

The Bloomsbury Theatre was opened in 1968 as a home for student produced theatre at UCL and became a major venue for the wider community by hosting non-UCL events.

The Bloomsbury Theatre building was officially opened in 1968 as The Central Collegiate Building. The auditorium, which held over 500 people soon became the Collegiate Theatre. It was renamed in 1982 as Bloomsbury Theatre to reflect its geographical location as well as the artistic associations of the name. The Bloomsbury Theatre was closed in 2015 for refurbishment and will reopen in Autumn 2018.

The refurbishment sees:

  • the total replacement and upgrading of the theatre’s technical infrastructure – bringing much of it from 1960s install to modern-day standards
  • a new auditorium featuring improved stage lighting and audio visual systems to enhance performances and giving performers the ability to customise the theatre and studio
  • better acoustics in the auditorium improved through new insulation.

The theatre will have improved accessibility in line with wider UCL policies and standards. With more wheelchair spaces and lift access for audiences as well as improved access for performers, the theatre will be inclusive to more people than ever before.

The newly refurbished theatre aims to “bring London in”, not only as an audience but as users of the theatre and studio spaces. The full benefits of a 21st-century theatre will create opportunities for collaboration between academics, artists, performers, directors and companies inside and outside UCL’s diverse community.

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