Office of the President and Provost (Equality, Diversity & Inclusion)


Share/update your equality monitoring information

26 June 2024

The EDI team urges staff to update their equality monitoring info via Inside UCL. Current data gaps affect efforts like addressing pay gaps. Concerns about confidentiality and data use are addressed in FAQs on the EDI website.

UCL Library

The EDI team are pleased to report that staff can now review and update their equality monitoring information via Inside UCL, a quick and intuitive process that takes just a few minutes. We currently do not have confidence that our staff equality monitoring information is as complete or as up-to-date as we would like, and this impacts on the team’s work (such as pay gaps) and their ability to develop and target appropriate supportive actions and initiatives founded on robust data. 

UCL is asking all colleagues to review, check and up-date their own information in case they did not provide full information at the time of input or in case some information has changed (e.g. disability status or gender identity).

UCL is aware that there may be various concerns about sharing this kind of information, for example in terms of confidentiality (who can access the data), whether it could be used for discriminatory purposes, or why it needs to be collected at all. As such, a list of FAQs has been produced, including questions about data protection, what the data is used for and who has access to it, on the EDI website.

Disabled and Neurodivergent staff are encouraged to check their disability data is correct. Specific guidance has been developed and can be found in the FAQs.

In the meantime, staff are encouraged to also update their own information via the ‘My details’ tile, as well as encouraging others to do so. Improvements here can really help make a difference.