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A behavioural systems-mapping approach to tackle staff-to-student sexual misconduct at universities

This report, conducted by Centre for Behaviour change, was commissioned by EDI in 2019. It uses behavioural systems-mapping as a method to understand systemic influences leading to sexual misconduct.

In the following videos, watch Vicki Baars, Acting Head of EDI operations, describe the context of the report and UCL’s work on sexual misconduct.

A collaboration between the EDI team and the CBC

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UCL’s definition of sexual misconduct

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The need to take a proactive approach to tackle sexual misconduct

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This report analyses staff-to-student sexual misconduct in UCL as a behaviour located within a complex web of causal influences. These influences are both external (academic research culture) or internal (behaviours of others within the system, structural features of the system like polices and their implementation, and attitudes to both). The report generated a list of recommendations that can be implemented to bring about systemic change within the institution to prevent sexual misconduct.

Read the full report on Report + Support

In the following videos, Dr. Paul Chadwick, Deputy-Director of CBC, and lead author of this report, speaks about the methodology and findings of the report in more detail. 

Behavioural systems-mapping as an approach to understand sexual misconduct

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Understanding people, power and process to prevent sexual misconduct  

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Thematic findings from the report

Power imbalances create conditions for staff-student sexual misconduct 

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Hierarchies limit opportunities for upward feedback 

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Semi-judicious process for misconduct is burdensome for all parties 

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Restorative justice as a model for resolving minor sexual misconduct  

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Taking action to equalise power in supervisor-student relationship  

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Need to re-engineer the system to make it easy for people to do the right thing 

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Human cost of high culture performance  

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Watch Vicki discuss what lies ahead for EDI and UCL now that the CBC report is published:

Next steps to put in action the report recommendations

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Transparency of processes to build trust

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