Office of the President and Provost (Equality, Diversity & Inclusion)


DEOLOs Contact List

A list of Departmental Equal Opportunity Liaison Officers in alphabetical order by department name


Arts & Humanities and Social & Historical Sciences

Georgina Hills    g.hills@ucl.ac.uk

Biological Services

Sarita Gill    sarita.gill@ucl.ac.uk


Peter Philips    peter.phillips@ucl.ac.uk

Centre for Languages and International Education

Christine Hoffmann    c.hoffnn@ucl.ac.uk
Jane Skirving    j.skirving@ucl.ac.uk

Day Nursery

Louise Paul    nursery@ucl.ac.uk

Department of Chemical Engineering

Luca Mazzei    l.mazzei@ucl.ac.uk

Department of Anthropology

Jolanta Skorecka    j.skorecka@ucl.ac.uk

Department of Biochemical Engineering

Paula Thomas    paula.thomas@ucl.ac.uk

Department of Chemistry

Liz Read    e.a.read@ucl.ac.uk

Department of Computer Science

JJ Giwa    j.giwa@ucl.ac.uk
Graham Roberts    g.roberts@ucl.ac.uk

Department of Earth Sciences

Lidunka Vocadlo    l.vocadlo@ucl.ac.uk

Department of Economics

Daniel Wilhelm   d.wilhelm@ucl.ac.uk

Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering

Rhiannon Lloyd  r.lloyd@ucl.ac.uk

Department of English Language and Literature

Clare Stainthorp    c.stainthorp@ucl.ac.uk

Department of European Social & Political Studies

Andrew King    andrew.k@ucac.uk

Department of Geography

Helene Burningham    h.burning@ucl.ac.uk
Anson Mackay    anson.mackay@ucl.ac.uk

Department of Greek and Latin

Stephanie Dutton    classicsoffice@ucl.ac.uk

Department of Hebrew and Jewish Studies

Belinda Stojanovic    Belinda.stojanovic@ucl.ac.uk

Department of History

Valentina Arena    v.arena@ucl.ac.uk

Department of History of Art

Allison Stielau   a.stielau@ucl.ac.uk

Department of Information Studies 

Vanda Broughton   v.broughton@ucl.ac.uk
Melanie Ramdarshan Bold    m.bold@ucl.ac.uk

Department of Mathematics

Helen Higgins   h.higgins@ucl.ac.uk

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Jie Huang    jie.huang@ucl.ac.uk

Department of Medical Physics and Bioengineering

Andy O'Reilly    andy.oreilly@ucl.ac.uk

Department of Philosophy

Sarah Richmond    s.richmond@ucl.ac.uk

Department of Physics & Astronomy

Julie Smith    julie.smith@ucl.ac.uk

Department of Political Science

Ajay Patel   ajay.patel@ucl.ac.uk

Department of Science and Technology Studies

Lori Coletti    l.coletti@ucl.ac.uk

Department of Security and Crime Science

Julie Anne Jules    j.jules@ucl.ac.uk

Department of Space & Climate Physics (Mullard Space Science Laboratory)

Sue Chick    s.chick@ucl.ac.uk

Department of Statistical Sciences

Karen Leport    k.leport@ucl.ac.uk

Department of Structural and Molecular Biology

Tabitha Owen    tabitha.owen@ucl.ac.uk

Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatics Engineering

Luiza Campos    l.campos@ucl.ac.uk

Development and Alumni Relations (DARO)

Christina Taylor    christina.taylor@ucl.ac.uk

Division of Biosciences

Nidhi Bhatt    n.bhatt@ucl.ac.uk
Stavroula Lialiou    s.lialiou@ucl.ac.uk

Division of Biosciences (CDB)

Marilyn Bryan    m.bryan@ucl.ac.uk

Division of Infection and Immunity

Helen Donoghue    h.doghue@ucl.ac.uk

Division of Medicine

Adrian Machinn    a.machinn@ucl.ac.uk                  
Anita Gorasia    a.gorasia@ucl.ac.uk

Division of Psychiatry

Karen Hobbs    k.hobbs@ucl.ac.uk
Sushrut Jadhav    s.jadhav@ucl.ac.uk

Division of Psychology & Language Sciences

Christina Gardini    c.gardini@ucl.ac.uk
Sarah Alleemudder    s.alleemudder@ucl.ac.uk
Pia Horbacki       p.horbacki@ucl.ac.uk

Division of Surgery & Interventional Science

Daniel Henniker      daniel.henniker@ucl.ac.uk

Eastman Dental Institute

Nicola Mordan    n.mordan@ucl.ac.uk


Ronak Patel    ronak.patel@ucl.ac.uk

Faculty of Laws

Catherine Fuller    c.fuller@ucl.ac.uk
Colm O'Cinneide    c.ocinneide@ucl.ac.uk

Finance and Business Affairs

Denise Hebborn    d.hebborn@ucl.ac.uk

Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit

Rachel Howes    r.howes@ucl.ac.uk

Human Resources

Rashpal Liddar      r.liddar@ucl.ac.uk

Information Services Division

Anoko Lawson    anoko.lawson@ucl.ac.uk

Institute for Global Prosperity

Ala’a  Shehabi       a.shehabi@ucl.ac.uk

Institute of Archaeology

Dr Jose Oliver    j.oliver@ucl.ac.uk
Ian Carroll    i.carroll@ucl.ac.uk
Louise Martin    lousie.martin@ucl.ac.uk
Judy Medrington    j.medrington@ucl.ac.uk
Charlotte Frearson    c.frearson@ucl.ac.uk

Institute of Cardiovascular Science

Simon Galloway    s.galloway@ucl.ac.uk

Institute of Child Health

Grazia Manzotti    g.mazotti@ucl.ac.uk

Institute of Clinical Trials and Methodology

Sarah Hardwick    sarah.hardwick@ucl.ac.uk

Institute of Education, Academic Programmes Office

Sean Taylor    sean.taylor@ucl.ac.uk

Institute of Education, Department of Culture, Communication and Media

Verna Brandford      v.brandford@ucl.ac.uk

Institute of Education, Department of Psychology and Human Development

Liory Fern-Pollak    l.fern-pollak@ucl.ac.uk

Institute of Epidemiology & Health

Michelle Tuohy    m.tuohy@ucl.ac.uk
Hitakshi Tailor    hitakshi.tailor@ucl.ac.uk

Institute of Health Informatics

Espy Rodrigues    e.rodrigues@ucl.ac.uk

Institute of Neurology

Libby Bertram    e.bertram@ucl.ac.uk
David Blundred    d.blundred@ucl.ac.uk

Institute of Ophthalmology

Gillian Tunstall    g.tunstall@ucl.ac.uk
Louise Wong    louise.wong.12@ucl.ac.uk

Institute of the Americas

Abi Espie    a.eie@ucl.ac.uk (Maternity Leave)
Anne Skinner    a.skinner@ucl.ac.uk

Institute of Women's Health

Suzy Buckley    suzy.buckley@ucl.ac.uk
Marcia Jacks    m.jacks@ucl.ac.uk

Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP)

Isha Reid      i.reid@ucl.ac.uk

Library Services

Breege Whiten    b.whiten@ucl.ac.uk
Grazia Manzotti    g.manzotti@ucl.ac.uk

London Centre for Nanotechnology

Andrew Gormanly    a.gormanly@ucl.ac.uk

MRC/UCL Lab for Molecular Cell Biology

Rob de Bruin    r.debruin@ucl.ac.uk
Claire Hebblethwaite    c.hebblethwaite@ucl.ac.uk

Office for International Affairs

Lisa Balderson    l.balderson@ucl.ac.uk
Helen Sawyer [planning division]    h.sawyer@ucl.ac.uk

Public and Cultural Engagement

Daniel Perrett    daniel.perrett@ucl.ac.uk

School of Slavonic & East European Studies (SSEES)

Sarah Young    s.young@ucl.ac.uk

School of European Languages, Culture and Society

Patrizia Oliver    patrizia.oliver@ucl.ac.uk
Caroline Horslen    c.orslen@ucl.ac.uk
Claire Shih    y.shin@ucl.ac.uk

Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy

Carla Washbourne    c.washbourne@ucl.ac.uk
Ayden Wilson    ayden.wilson@ucl.ac.uk

Student and Registry Services

Lauren Sandhu    lauren.sand@ucl.ac.uk

The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis

Sarah Wise    s.wise@ucl.ac.uk

The Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management

Helen Pascoe    h.pascoe@ucl.ac.uk

The Bartlett School of Environment, Energy & Resources

Kim Novelli    k.noveli@ucl.ac.uk

The Bartlett School of Planning

Jackie Nelson    jacqueline.nelson@ucl.ac.uk

The Bartlett School of Architecture

Annabel Brown    annabel.brown@ucl.ac.uk
Emer Girling    e.girling@ucl.ac.uk

The Bartlett Development Planning Unit

Barbara Lipietz    b.lipietz@ucl.ac.uk
Kamna Patel       kamna.patel@ucl.ac.uk

The Ear Institute

Neil Roberts    neil.roberts@ucl.ac.uk

The Sainsbury Welcome Centre

Sally Handley    s.handley@ucl.ac.uk

The Slade School of Fine Art

Kate Rowlands [Maternity leave]    
Duncan Paton    dunacn.paton@ucl.ac.uk

The UCL Institute for Digital Innovation in the Built Environment

Steven Wallace    steven.wallace@ucl.ac.uk

The UCL Institute for Global Prosperity

Steven Wallace    steven.wallace@ucl.ac.uk

The UCL Institute for Innovation & Public Purpose

Steven Wallace    steven.wallace@ucl.ac.uk

UCL Bloomsbury Theatre

Gabriel Emordi    g.emordi@ucl.ac.uk

UCL Cancer Institute

Louise Rusha    l.rusha@ucl.ac.uk
Sonia Buckingham    s.buckingham@ucl.ac.uk
Manuela Rossini    m.rossini@ucl.ac.uk

UCL Medical School

Alison Crook    a.crook@medsch.ucl.ac.uk

UCL Qatar

Martina Renzi         martina.renzi@ucl.ac.uk
Patrick Burkett        p.burkett@ucl.ac.uk

UCL School of Management

Michelle Tinsley   m.tinsley@ucl.ac.uk

UCL Student Psychological Services

Jacyntha Etienne    j.etienne@ucl.ac.uk