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UCL EPSRC DTP - Open Doctoral Studentships Competition


Applications now open

The UCL EPSRC DTP Studentships Open Competition aims to recruit outstanding students to undertake fully-funded PhD studentships at UCL. Closing date: 14:00 on 27-Apr-2021

Applications for studentships starting in the 2021/22 academic session are now open.


Closing date: 14:00 on 27-Apr-2021

Key Facts

Value: Fees, Stipend (£18,609 per year), Research Training Support Grant

Duration: Up to 4 years (thesis to be submitted within funded period)

Eligible Fee Status: UK, EU, Overseas

Eligible Programmes: Full- or  part-time research degrees (MRes/PhD, MPhil/PhD, or EngD) except EPSRC or UKRI funded CDTs (Centres for Doctoral Training)

Primary Selection Criteria: Academic merit

Available To: Prospective students

Application Deadline: 14:00 on 27 April 2021

How to Apply           Application Template Forms           Online pre-application form


The EPSRC DTP (Doctoral Training Partnership) Governance Board Open Competition is intended to recruit the most promising PhD students regardless of their chosen faculty. All studentship projects must lie within the EPSRC remit. Studentships are expected to start on 27-Sep-2021 unless exceptional circumstances require an alternate start date.

[Note: this competition is separate to the competition for UCL EPSRC DTP funded studentships in Mathematical Sciences and welcomes applications for study in any UCL department including those within the mathematical sciences research areas - see below for further information on degree programme and project eligibility].

[Additional information for UCL staff on the requirements for accepting and processing students' applications - UCL staff login required]


Studentships provide 4 years fees (UK/EU rate) and maintenance stipend at the UCL EPSRC DTP enhanced rate (£18,609 in 2021/22, rises with inflation each year). Studentships are automatically renewed each year provided that sufficient academic progress is made. Students also receive an RTSG (Research Training Support Grant) of up to £4,800 to cover additional costs of training eg courses, project costs, conferences, travel. Students will be initially registered for 4 years and are expected to submit their thesis within the 4 year funded period. The project should be designed and supervised to facilitate this.

Thesis submission before 4 years is possible if all academic requirements are met.

Student Eligibility

Applicants must fulfil the academic entry requirements for the programme they are applying to. Further eligibility criteria are based on nationality and residence:

  • UK nationals are eligible provided they meet residency requirements.
  • EU nationals with settled status are eligible.
  • EU nationals with pre-settled status are eligible provided they meet residency requirements.
  • Irish nationals living in UK or Ireland are eligible
  • Those who have indefinite leave to remain or enter are eligible.
  • All others are classified as "International".

Residency requirements for UK nationals:

  • living in EEA or Switzerland on 31-Dec-2020 (at that time UK was considered part of EEA) and lived in UK, EEA, Switzerland, or Gibraltar for at least 3 years immediately before the studentship begins
  • lived continuously in UK, EEA, Switzerland, or Gibraltar between 31-Dec-2020 and the start of the studentship

Residency requirements for EU, EEA, or Swiss nationals with pre-settled status:

  • living in UK by 31-Dec-2020 (a requirement to receive pre-settled status)
  • living in UK, EEA, Switzerland, or Gibraltar for at least 3 years immediately before the studentship begins

These studentships are offered with open eligibility, however the number of International students which can be recruited is capped according to the EPSRC terms and conditions.

Degree Programme and Project Eligibility

You can apply for MRes/PhD, MPhil/PhD, or EngD programmes in any UCL Faculty. These studentships may not be used to apply to EPSRC and UKRI CDTs (Centres for Doctoral Training). The research project must lie within the EPSRC remit — the EPSRC’s website provides information on the Themes and Research Areas within their remit. The proposed project supervisor must agree to support your application.

The UCL prospectus has details of the available research degree programmes. The following list of UCL Faculty websites may help you to find more information and contact details for their constituent departments:

BEAMS School faculties:

SLMS School faculties:

SLASH School Faculties:

How To Apply

To apply for a funded studentship you will need to complete an online pre-application form and then submit completed application documents via email. All application documents must be submitted by 14:00 on 27-apr-2021. You should be in contact with the department you want to apply to and your potential supervisor well in advance of submitting your application. Use the faculty websites listed above to find the website for the department you wish to apply to. The department will be able to tell you the correct programme code for the degree programme you are applying for to include in your application.

You must use the provided templates for your application and ensure that all documents are submitted in pdf format.

Any application which is not received by the deadline or not submitted in the correct manner following the instructions will be rejected without being reviewed.

Step 1:

Complete the online pre-application form.

It is essential that you complete the pre-application form before your main application documents. After you submit the form an email will be sent to the email address you provide giving you your "Applicant ID" to use in your main application documents.
If you do not receive the email within 24 hours of submitting, check your spam/junk folder. If you still can't find it, then it means the automated system couldn't send it due to an error in the email address you provided - in that case you will need to redo the pre-application form.

Pdf preview of online form:

The pdf preview of the form has been provided for reference only, you must submit your pre-application via the online form.

Step 2

Complete and submit your main application documents via email.

The main application documents required are:

  1. The application form. [You must include the applicant ID you receive after completing the online pre-application form. The completed form must be submitted as a pdf file. The file name should be in the format applicantID_appForm.pdf]
  2. CV template. [You must include the applicant ID you receive after completing the online pre-application form. The provided CV template file must be used and submitted as a pdf file. CVs in any other format will not be accepted, any additional CV document submitted will not be accepted. The file name should be in the format applicantID_cv.pdf]
  3. Grade transcript. [Provide grade transcript(s) for all degree(s) already obtained, and for all completed modules of currently in progress degrees. Make sure the transcript(s) give details of the scale/structure of all grades possible for the degree. The transcript(s) must be combined and submitted as a single pdf file. The file name should be in the format applicantID_transcript.pdf]

Make sure you use your applicant ID to complete the application form and CV template and in the file name of each of the 3 pdf files (you received your applicant ID by email after completing the online pre-application form in Step 1)

Your 3 completed documents must be submitted via email. The easiest way is to reply to the email you received after completing the online pre-application form and attach your 3 pdf documents. Alternatively you can send a new email with the subject line "applicantID - UCL EPSRC DTP 2021/22 studentship application" and your 3 pdf documents attached - it is essential to use the correct format subject line (with your applicant ID inserted) so that the automated system can process your application.

Apply to study at UCL

You will also need to make a formal application to study at UCL. This needs to be completed by the time the department is nominating candidates to the central panel (see the section on "after applying"). The timing on when the application to study at UCL needs to be done varies depending on the department you are applying to. Make sure you check with the department what their requirements are.


You need to provide the details (name, email, institution/organisation) of 2 people who can provide a reference for you. At least 1 of these must be an academic reference (if your most recent academic qualification was more than 5 years ago this can be substituted by a reference related to research experience gained during employment). For current students and graduates of UCL, the referee cannot be the proposed supervisor.

You need to submit your referees' details in the online pre-application form. Your referees will be contacted directly to provide the references. The deadline for these references to be received is 14:00 on 06 May 2021 so make sure you complete the pre-application form as soon as possible, in order to allow your referees sufficient time to submit the references on time.

Application Templates

Application form

CV template


After applying

After the closing date applications will be reviewed by the departments and shortlisted candidates will be interviewed (interviews are likely to take place online). Departments will nominate their chosen candidates to the central panel who will make the final selection for recruitment. Offers are expected to be made by the end of June, however they may be made later in the case of reserve candidates.

Online pre-application form

The pre-application form should be completed using either the online form embedded below or at https://rebrand.ly/uedocpa

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