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2011 Seminar Series

Speaker: Dr Robin Wright, MSW, Ph.D Associate Professor, School of Social Work, University of Windsor, University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario Canada.

Title: Tamil Nadu Child  Health Study Phase I & II Examining the Social Determinants of Early Child Development and their Relationship to Child Health

Date: 16th September

Venue: G37 and G38


This presentation describes the methodology and findings of a feasibility study conducted in Triuchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, S. India and four adjacent districts (2009-2010). The study based on the Millenium Development Goals (MDG) was to determine  the conditions necessary to conduct a health survey to examine, socioeconomic factors interrelatedness to health status and quality of life of children and mothers and whether the implementation of this survey would be both worthwhile and feasible. Implications for establishing Phase II and III of this study  will be presented in relation to  survey  implementation,  dissemination of findings to state and local agencies and institutions, and the preconditions necessary to conduct international research between Canada and India.

Prior to taking an academic position I spent many years as a clinician and administrator  in children’s services in Ontario and within the Foundation sector in Canada. Building on this experience my  program of research as an academic at McGill University and the University of Windsor has involved leading research as a principal investigator, co-investigator, and co-applicant of large multi-site trials nationally and internationally focus on enhancing the well-being of vulnerable children, youth and families domestically and internationally. I teach at the undergraduate and graduate level- policy, practice and research courses.

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