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2011 Seminar Series

Speakers: Dr Nicola Shelton & Dr James Kneale, UCL Dept of Geography

Title: 'Alcohol in the UK: a geographical perspective'

Date & Time: Friday 13 May 1pm-2pm

Venue: Basement Lecture Theatre


The seminar will cover several of the debates raised in the RGS-IBG publication Consumption controversies: Alcohol policies in the UK launched in the House of Commons in 2010 to which Dr Kneale and Dr Shelton were contributors. Dr Nicola Shelton is a Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology and Public Health at UCL. Her research interests are the spatial variations and geographical determinants of health behaviours and outcomes that can be measured through large health data sets. She is one of the founder members of the Alcohol Research Group in the department and is supervising two PhD students working on variations in sensible drinking in young adults and underreporting of alcohol consumption respectively.

Dr James Kneale is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Geography at UCL.  He has published on historical geographies of drinking in nineteenth and twentieth century Britain (drinking places, their place in the urban landscape, and the problem of the 'cluster') and his current research focuses on aspects of temperance and abstinence in an attempt to work out why alcohol consumption declined at the start of the twentieth century. He  presented written and verbal evidence to the Parliamentary Health Select Committee in 2009 and was quoted in the Committee's First Report on Alcohol (2010).

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