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2012 Seminar Series

Title: 'The role of life course BMI, waist circumference and adult dietary patterns in the incidence of type 2 diabetes'

Speaker: Ms Silvia Pastorino

Date & Time: Thursday  26th January 1pm-2pm

Venue: G37 & G38

Abstract: Type 2 diabetes is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Obesity and abdominal fat are known to increase the risk of developing the disease. However, the life-course pattern of these risk factors is still not well characterised. Studying cumulative models of overweight and obesity and Identifying sensitive periods when excess weight gain might be particularly harmful for type 2 diabetes could improve public health interventions. Diet is also thought to be important in the development of type 2 diabetes, through its effect on body weight and independently through other pathways. Identifying dietary patterns associated with type 2 diabetes incidence and the combinations of nutrients through which they might act, will help inform nutrition policies for primary prevention of diabetes. Using data from the MRC National Survey of Health and Development this PhD aims to examine life course body weight and weight distribution in relation to type 2 diabetes risk and to identify dietary patterns that influence the development of the disease either independently or through the mediating effect of body weight.

Silvia began her PhD research under the supervision of Prof Marcus Richards, Dr Mary Pierce and Dr Gina Ambrosini (MRC Human Nutrition Research Cambridge) in October 2010, funded by an MRC studentship. Prior to this she worked for 3 years at the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF UK) as a Health Professionals Programme Manager, where she developed projects to disseminate evidence-based information on cancer prevention for health professionals and the general public. Silvia obtained a first class honours degree in Human Nutrition from Westminster University and has a MSc in Public Health Nutrition from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

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