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2011 Seminar Series

Speaker: Edward Kendall

Title: "An economic analysis of the contribution of health care to health inequalities in England"

Date & Time: Friday 18th February

Venue: G37 & G38


This PhD upgrade begins to examine the overall effect the NHS has on socioeconomic health inequalities in England. The literature to date is systematically reviewed, but found to be scarce. Next, the literature on the effect of health care on health is reviewed and used as a starting point to explore the effect of health care on health inequalities in two papers. A PCT-level static model is developed, estimated on cancer and circulatory disease deaths, then expanded to include multiple years' data.

Econometric techniques to quantify inequality are examined and developed to be used in fairly small sample panel datasets. The results show health spending reduces mortality in both areas. Further, cancer spending displays a pro-poor distribution whereas circulatory disease is evenly distributed. It can be tentatively surmised cancer spending reduces healthinequalities, and circulatory spending neither reduces nor increases health inequalities.

Ed has a full time, MRC Capacity Building PhD Studentship in Health Economics with the Health Care Evaluation Group at UCL. He is supervised by Prof. Steve Morris and Prof. Rosalind Raine. In the years prior to coming to UCL he was at the University of York and the University of Warwick. His main research interests are the causes of health inequalities, and the effect of health care expenditure and social determinants on such inequalities.

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