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2011 Seminar Series

Speaker: Professor S Goya Wannamethee, Professor in Epidemiology Co-director of the British Regional Heart Study Dept Primary Care and  Population Health, UCL

Title: 'Gamma-glutamyl transferase as a risk marker for cardiovascular disease and
type 2 diabetes: new horizons'

Date & Time: Friday 6th May 

Venue: G37 & G38 


Gamma-glutamyl transferase (GGT) is a liver enzyme function test that has been available for several decades and was initially viewed as a sensitive marker of alcohol intake. In recent years many prospective studies have shown GGT within its normal range to predict various diseases including type 2 diabetes mellitus, coronary heart disease (CHD), hypertension, stroke and heart failure.  GGT which correlates with liver fat is strongly associated with inflammation and components of the metabolic syndrome and is strongly established as a predictor of type 2 diabetes.  Since the 1990s several prospective studies have shown significant associations between GGT and incident CVD independent of alcohol intake and established CVD risk factors. There has been increasing attention on the clinical usefulness of GGT for CVD risk assessment.   We review the evidence linking GGT to CVD and diabetes and examine the performance and clinical utility of GGT for cardiovascular and diabetes risk assessment using prospective data from the British Regional Heart Study.

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