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2012 Seminar Series

Title: 'Developing a policy tool for the early life course’

Speaker: Professor Peter Davis, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Date & Time: Friday 13th April 1pm-2pm

Venue: G37 & G38


Our team is developing a simulation model of the early life course drawing on information from an existing longitudinal study (the Christchurch Health and Development Study). In essence we are building a "virtual" cohort that uses data from a real cohort to establish a base file for the model, to estimate statistical equations for building that model, and to serve as a benchmark for assessing its accuracy. This virtual cohort can then be interrogated with policy-relevant "what if" questions by varying key parameters and running the simulation. This seminar presents some information on the construction and validation of the model, canvasses our interactions with a user-group, including the testing of policy scenarios, and looks forward to future developments in enriching model construction with a wider set of longitudinal data, including Maori and Pacific populations.

Peter Davis is Professor of the Sociology of Health and Well-Being and Director of the COMPASS research centre at the University of Auckland, New Zealand where he holds cross-appointments in both Statistics and Population Health. He trained in Sociology and in Statistics at the London School of Economics and has spent much of his career at the Auckland Medical School. He is currently Senior Editor, Health Policy, at Social Science and Medicine. The COMPASS research centre carries out grant-funded research in the fields of health and social policy, much of it relying on the application of advanced methodological techniques to existing data. The project on which this seminar reports is funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation and the work is led by Dr. Barry Milne and Mr. Roy Lay-Yee, research fellow and senior research fellow respectively at COMPASS.

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