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2011 Seminar Series

Speaker: Jennie Brown

Title: 'Understanding the link between positive wellbeing and health'

Date: 9th May

Venue: G37 and G38


My PhD project investigates links between positive wellbeing and health by looking at associations between psychological factors such as positive affect and biological markers of health. My talk will introduce the area of positive wellbeing including previous research showing associations between positive wellbeing, longevity and cardiac health. I will then relate my findings from the Daytracker data set on the relationships between resilience (a positive adaptational personality trait), heart rate variability and physical activity. Finally I will give you a sneak preview of the intervention we're planning which aims to increase positive wellbeing and to investigate changes in biological markers of health from pre- to post-intervention.

I was awarded funding by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) in Sept 2009 for my PhD project “Understanding the link between positive wellbeing and health”. My previous education includes MSc Cognitive Neuropsychology from Birkbeck/UCL, BSc (Hons) Psychology from Birkbeck, and a Certificate of Higher Education in Biology from Bristol University. I am also currently working at Birkbeck as a sessional lecturer for the 'Biological basis of behaviour' module, and the Health Psychology final year module, as part of the Certificate of Psychology and BSc Psychology courses.

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