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2011 Seminar Series

Speaker: Dr Kim Bouillon

Title: "Measurement and Adult Life Course Predictors of Frailty: the Whitehall II study"

Date & Time: Friday 25th February

Venue: G37 & G38


Frailty is a multi-dimensional geriatric syndrome that confers a high risk for disability, hospitalisation, and mortality. With population ageing, prevention of frailty is potentially important. To date, however, there is a lack of consensus regarding the measurement of frailty and insufficient understanding of its predictors.

The aim of Kim’s PhD project is to review evidence on existing measures of frailty, test the predictive validity of a selected measure, and determine early predictors of frailty. Specifically, the objectives of Kim’s work are to: 1) conduct a systematic review of the existing literature onfrailty measurements and their reliability and validity; 2) examine the concurrent and predictive validity of a selected frailty measure in Whitehall II; 3) identify biological, behavioural and psychosocial predictors of frailty across the adult life course in Whitehall II; and 4) to develop and test a multifactorial predictive algorithm of adult risk for frailty.

Kim is a graduate of Pitie-Salpetriere University Medical School (Paris, France), where she also undertook her post-graduate training in Public Health. She has a MPH in Statistics and Methodology in biomedical research at Paris-Sud University (Kremlin-Bicetre, France) (2007), after which she worked in pharmaco-epidemiology at LA- SER Europe (Paris, France). Her other research interests include long-term adverse health outcomes of radiotherapy for cancer treatment, and prevention of HIV and other STIs. She is currently undertaking her PhD under the supervision of Prof Mika Kivimaki and Dr David Batty.

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