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2011 Seminar Series

Title: ‘Approaches to improving the standard of decision-making about the organisation and delivery of acute care in the absence of ‘gold standard’ evidence’

Speaker: Helen Barratt

Date & Time: Friday 21st October 1pm-2pm

Venue: G37 & G38


Patients receiving care in an emergency are entitled to assume that they will be treated according to the best available evidence. However, it is often not possible to use ‘gold standard’ experimental designs to evaluate proposed service reforms and predict their likely effectiveness. The aim of this PhD is to explore approaches to improving decision-making about the organisation and delivery of acute care in the absence of ‘gold standard’ evidence. I will use three case studies of improvements to acute care which rely on observational evidence, with its inherent limitations. First, I will examine the impact of transferring critical care patients between hospitals for non-clinical reasons (for example a lack of available beds) and how staff make decisions about such transfers. The second case study draws on my experience contributing to the recent high profile review of proposals to downgrade acute services at Chase Farm Hospital in North London. Finally, I plan to review the implementation of major trauma centres in London. I will then seek to draw generalisable lessons for the future, including recommendations for policy, practice and research.

Helen undertook her medical training at Imperial College London. In 2007 she started training as a speciality registrar in public health medicine, including time spent working as an NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow at UCL. She commenced her PhD in 2010, having obtained a research training fellowship from the Wellcome Trust. Helen’s PhD is supervised by Professor Rosalind Raine and Dr David Harrison. Professor Nicholas Mays will act as the external examiner for the upgrade.

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