Romano Endrighi

Romano Endrighi - Research student - Psychobiology Group
T: 020 76798328 – v.mail 020 76791804
Supervisors: Dr. Mark Hamer, Professor Andrew Steptoe
Collaborator: Professor Jane Wardle

Biographical details:
Romano Endrighi completed a B.Sc. in Psychology at the University of Westminster followed by a six months part-time Research Assistant post with Professor Tony Towell at the Health and Wellbeing Network working on the Widening Participation Strategy Group. This project investigated social and academic integration of first year undergraduate students and factors related to their physical and mental health. Romano went on to study for a M.Sc. in Health Psychology in 2006/7 at the University of London (KCL and UCL) with a generous scholarship from Cancer Research UK. During the M.Sc. Romano worked in the Psychobiology Research Group at UCL under the supervision of Professor Steptoe and Dr. Dockray on an innovative study that investigated the biological correlates of positive affect and wellbeing in a naturalistic setting. This volunteer work provided the basis for the M.Sc. research project.

Romano has been a full-time member of staff in the Dept. of Epidemiology and Public Health since August 2007. He is mainly involved in the Heart Scan Study, a BHF founded lab based psychophysiological study that investigates the role of stress and other psychosocial factors in the development and progression of coronary atherosclerotic plaques. Together with Dr. Hamer and Professor Steptoe, Romano has been awarded a grant from the British Heart Foundation for the Ph.D. research project: “Physical activity, adiposity, stress-induced inflammation and cardiovascular disease risk”. The aim of the studentship is to examine the effect of physical activity and adiposity on stress-induced inflammatory responses that are relevant in coronary heart disease using an experimental approach.

Research interests:
Romano Endrighi research interests are in Health Psychology and in particular in the biological aspects of Health Psychology. Romano has a keen interest in assessing the effect of psychological interventions on physiological parameters and generally in the role of lifestyle factors on health outcomes.

Publication/Conference presentation:
September, 2008. Endrighi, R., Dockray, S., & Steptoe, A., Self-Acceptance is associated with lower morning cortisol levels. Poster presented to the joint DHP/EHPS conference “Behaviour, Health and Healthcare: From Physiology to Policy” University of Bath.

July, 2008. Endrighi, R., Dockray, S., & Steptoe, A., Wellbeing is associated with lower morning cortisol levels. Paper presented to the “Health, Wellbeing and Happiness Conference: From Local Action to Global Change” Social Futures Institute, University of Teesside.

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