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Anika Knuppel


Research interests:

  • diet
  • obesity
  • depression
  • social & psychological factors in health
  • health inequalities
  • nutritional epidemiology & public health nutrition
  • nutritional and health policy

Current research:

My research focuses on the bidirectional relationship between diet-related factors and depression over the adult life course. This work is part of the European MoodFOOD project in which a number of research groups all over Europe work on the same question in different settings. For my research I will mainly use data from the Whitehall II cohort study, but also from other cohort studies involved in the project.



  • 2014-2017: UCL Research Studentship funded by the MooDFOOD Collaborative Project (FP7 Grant 613598)


  • 2008-2011 BSc Nutritional Sciences, Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg (MLU), Germany
  • 2011-2014 MSc Nutritional Sciences, Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg (MLU), Germany
  • 2013 International Summer School in Nutritional Epidemiology, German Institute of Human Nutrition Potsdam-Rehbrücke, Germany


  • 2012 -2014 Scholarship of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation

Contact @anika_knueppel

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