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Who we are

The core HomeHeath trial team: 

Kate Walters

Professor Kate Walters – Chief Investigator

Professor Walters is Professor of Primary Care & Epidemiology and the Director of the Centre for Ageing Population Studies at UCL. Her research interests include developing and testing new approaches to improving the healthcare for people with complex health needs, including Parkinson’s Disease, dementia and frailty.
Rachael Frost

Dr Rachael Frost Trial Manager

Dr Rachael Frost is a Senior Research Fellow. Her research interests focus on promoting physical and mental health in later life.

Christina Avgerinou

Dr Christina Avgerinou – Clinical Safety Lead

Dr Christina Avgerinou is a Senior Clinical Research Associate within the Centre for Ageing Population Studies, Department of Primary Care and Population Health, UCL, and is also a General Practitioner in West London. Her research interests include frailty and nutrition in later life.

Farah Mahmood

Farah Mahmood – HomeHealth Team Leader

Farah has a background in the Health and Social Care sector, working mainly with older adults. She is interested in healthy ageing, health inequalities and personalised care.

Jane Hopkins

Jane Hopkins - PPI lead  - As a ‘baby boomer’ and service-user, I confess to a vested interest in ensuring that future services and the workforce delivering them will enable me to remain as independent and self-caring for as long as possible as I grow increasingly frail!

Since my retirement in 2007 following a forty-year career as a Psychiatric (Forensic) Social Worker, I have continued to be actively involved within Health and Social Care as a lay representative serving on a range of NHS committees, working parties and ‘Task and Finish’ groups, the London Clinical Senate and helping to develop Greenwich CCG’s Frailty pathway. I try to bring an ‘authenticity’ to my role both as an older, visually-impaired user (registered disabled in 1998) but also acting as a ‘voice’ to local grassroots user-groups across South-East London that are seldom heard or often overlooked.


Amy Kerin – HomeHealth Trial Coordinator

Amy is a research administrator who helps support the co-ordination of the HomeHealth trial.