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Transferable skills

Find out what transferable skills our students are taking away from their degree in Population Health Sciences and what employers think our students can bring to their organisation.

Internship provider testimonials 

Below are a collection of quotes from student placement providers on the success of BSc Population Health Sciences (Data Science) students, who completed a Q-Step internship that was funded by the Nuffield Foundation 2017-2020:

Equality trust
The UCL Population Health Sciences student came to us with skills that we don’t have in house, particularly when it comes to using RStudio. This was particularly useful in creating reports about local inequality to be used as part of our Local Organising project. 

Save the Children
The UCL Population Health Sciences student provided a resource for quantitative data-related tasks that we may otherwise have found it difficult to complete. The student made useful suggestions for our work, some of which we have adopted into our bank of resources/documents. 

NHS England
The UCL Population Health Sciences student provided a fresh insight into research and analysis, increased the capacity of the team to support important work streams and provided a mentoring opportunity.

Wellcome Trust
We were able to draw on the quantitative skills of the UCL Population Health Sciences student to conduct important secondary analyses on a key dataset that otherwise may have been delayed.

The UCL Population Health Sciences students were a real asset to our organisation. They worked on a really important project that our organisation didn’t have the capacity to undertake and added huge value to the skill set of the team. 

Christian Aid
The UCL Population Health Sciences student provided additional capacity for the team, pushing us to engage further in our approach and use of data. We think it’s a great scheme and contributed well to both us as an organisation, and to the student.

Citizens Advice Camden
The UCL Population Health Sciences student brought new skills to our organisation which they applied creatively to our user/ potential user survey and analysis exercise. This produced real benefits  and insights for us and forms part of our service planning. 

* Disclaimer: internships are not a compulsory element of the course and provision for internships vary from year to year