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Primary care micro-teams: A systematic review to describe and examine the opportunities, challenges and implications of implementation for patients and health care professionals. Charles Coombes (oral presentation at SAPC, July 2021) [available at https://sapc.ac.uk/sites/default/files/sapc_asm_2021_living_dying_well_conference_programme_v3.pdf 


Jobanputra S, Singh S.  What are general practitioners' views on the management of adolescents with mental health disorders? A qualitative study.

 Education for Primary Care 1-2 29 May 2020 (Journal article)  Author URL

Traseira R, Singh S. Exploring parents’ perceptions on the importance and feasibility of child-centred consultations of 5-11 year olds in general practice

 Education for Primary Care 24 Aug 2020 (Journal article) View here: UCL Discovery

Wigmore-Sykes M, Ferris M, Singh S. Contemporary beliefs surrounding the menarche: a pilot study of adolescent girls at a school in middle England.

 Educ Prim Care 1-2 28 Oct 2020 (Journal article) Author URL  View here:  UCL Discovery


“You just know something’s not right” – what makes primary healthcare professionals suspect child abuse? A qualitative study. (2019)

Shah P, Koch T, Singh S. (2019) The attitudes of homeless women in London towards contraception Prim Health Care Res Dev 20:e131-e131 12 Sep 2019 (Journal article) Author URL 

Educational potential of using virtual patients for promoting interprofessional learning between medical and pharmacy students: A qualitative study. (2018)

Does weather impact GP home visiting? (GPs get there in all weather). (2018)

Smokers’ knowledge and perception of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes): a qualitative study of non-quitting smokers in a North London general practice. (2018)

An exploration of the attitudes and views of general practitioners on the use of video consultations in a primary healthcare setting: a qualitative pilot study. (2018)

‘Just like a normal pain’, what do people with diabetes mellitus experience when having a myocardial infarction: a qualitative study recruited from UK hospitals. (2017)

Identifying barriers to diagnosing dementia following incentivisation and policy pressures: General practitioners’ perspectives. (2016)

An exploratory study into the Health Beliefs and Behaviours of British Indians with Type II Diabetes. (2016)

Identifying barriers to diagnosing dementia: general practitioners’ perspectives. (2016)

Do special constables in London feel that they are adequately prepared to meet their first aid responsibilities? A qualitative study. (2016)

Exploring senior doctors’ beliefs and attitudes regarding mental illness within the medical profession: a qualitative study. (2016)

Knowledge, attitudes and beliefs towards waterpipe tobacco smoking and electronic shisha (e-shisha) among young adults in London: a qualitative analysis. (2015)

Beclometasone for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (2013)

Impact of an intercalated BSc on medical student performance and careers: a BEME systematic review. (2013)

Qualitative exploration of sexual health in old age. (2012)

Exploring patients’ perceptions of living with psoriasis in a London General Practice. (2011)

What are the patient-held illness beliefs after a transient ischaemic attack, and do they determine secondary prevention activities: an exploratory study in a North London General Practice. (2011)

Undergraduate research in primary care: is it sustainable? (2008)


What are GPs’ views on the management of adolescents with mental health disorders? A pilot qualitative study - presented at SAPC conference Madingley Hall, Cambridge in January 2019

'You just know something's not right - what makes primary healthcare professionals suspect child abuse? A qualitative study' by Priyesh Agravat - Inspire National Intercalators’ Conference at University of Bristol (2018) – poster presentation; KCL Paediatric Society National Conference ‘Journeys’ (2018) – poster presentation; Undergraduate Research Conference for Medicine and Dentistry at Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry (2018) – poster presentation; UCL MedSoc Paediatrics Conference: Progress and Innovation in Paediatrics (2019) – poster presentation.



'You just know something's not right - what makes primary healcare professionals suspect child abuse? A qualitative study' by Priyesh Agravat - SAPC Annual Scientific Meeting at Madingley Hall (2019) – oral presentation, prize for best student presentation; RCGP Discover GP London & the South Conference (2019) – poster presentation, first prize in scientific poster presentation

'Explaining chronic pain and utilising patient communication as a therapeutic tool' article by Kerry Wales - John Fry Prize, Royal Society of Medicine – RSM, 2018

'Something would just have to be sacrificed, either food or contraception. Contraception in homeless women in central London: a qualitative study' by Pooja Shah - The Medical Student Prize, 2017