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Eleanor Herd

Eleanor Herd

Before undertaking my MSc at UCL, I worked clinically as a student and then a graduate dentist across a variety of healthcare contexts. These clinical experiences made me aware of how there are significant oral health inequalities within populations. It was these experiences which ultimately sparked my interest in public health care and inspired me to pursue this area at a graduate level.

My search for potential courses led me to MSc Dental Public Health at UCL. The content of the course outlined on the university’s website is what initially attracted me to this programme, as it embodied what I was interested in furthering my knowledge and skills in public health dentistry. UCL's strong national and international ranking and research reputation were also other appealing aspects, along with the fact that the course is based in central London.

My MSc in Dental Public Health at UCL was a truly rewarding experience. Essentially, the strong focus on the underlying determinants of health served to broaden my perspective of oral healthcare from a purely clinically based approach to a more population-based preventive approach.

The teaching staff were incredibly knowledgeable and supportive and it was a real honour to have been able to learn from such world-class educators.  In addition to the incredible teaching staff at UCL, we had the opportunity to learn from several guest lectures with different public health affiliations, offering us a wide range of insights into different aspects of public health. The modules were well structured and engaging and the interactive nature of the classes really enriched the learning experience.

The course culminated with an individual research project. This project essentially allowed me to gain practical experience in applying the research skills learnt throughout the course including: critically evaluating literature, conducting statistical analysis and report writing.

Additionally, one of the true highlights of the course was the people that I met and the fact that I was able to be a part of such a supportive and internationally diverse group. From day one there was a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

I cannot speak more highly of my experience with the MSc Dental Public Health at UCL. I am incredibly grateful for all that I have learnt, the people that I have met and the career path this course has established for me. I am currently working as a research assistant. My ultimate career goal is to carry out further research and to help contribute to the body of knowledge relating to reducing inequalities in health and I believe that my MSc in Dental Public Health has lay down a good foundation for achieving this.

MSc Dental Public Health Class of 2019

Research Assistant
Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, UCL