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Read inspirational testimonials from some of our recent graduates and learn how our MSc can help build your skills
Photo of Afshan Mirza

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"The lecturers were immensely supportive and helpful throughout the whole course, and no question seemed trivial or unimportant.  By the end of the course you develop a broad and varied skill set which can open the door to a number of learning and career opportunities".

Afshan Mirza - Class of 2019

Eleanor Herd

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"I cannot speak more highly of my experience with the MSc Dental Public Health at UCL. I am incredibly grateful for all that I have learnt, the people that I have met and the career path this course has established for me."

Eleanor Herd - Class of 2019 


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 "I started to realise why many health campaigns used lots of resources but failed to reduce health inequalities. People do not choose to be unhealthy. Most of the needs assessments I previously did failed to reflect people's real needs and failed to account for the social determinants. Respecting these factors lifted me into a new level in patient management and health promotion"

Ka Cheong (Victor) Yim - Class of 2019


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"The MSc in Dental Public Health is an ideal course for anyone who is seeking to develop their understanding of the causes of health inequalities. It also challenges you to think independently and evaluate the evidence used to support clinical interventions and health promotion."

Michelle Stennett - Class of 2018

Yanela Aravena

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"My time as an MSc student is something I will always remember. This is a programme of excellence led by world-class researchers located in an incredible city. I encourage everyone who is thinking about following this path to do so."


Yanela Aravena - Class of 2018


Neha Jain

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"My education at UCL was not just restricted to the classroom, it went well beyond. Most importantly, I made friends for life. Every single learning, whether through classroom activities or otherwise, still guides me in my professional and in my personal life and I know, it will continue to do so in the future."

Neha Jain - Class of 2017

Nadia Khaliq

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"Embarking upon an MSc in Dental Public Health (2016-2017) at UCL has provided me with the foundation stone of an academic career."

Nadia Khaliq - Class of 2017

Upul Cooray

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"The experiences during the MSc period were enriching for my personal development, and were a stepping stone to solidifying the path for my PhD studies and becoming a confident academic. My UCL experience is the key reason for my personal passion to address the inequalities of health."

Upul Cooray - Class of 2016