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Child Health (CH)

As part of the Child and Family Health  (CFH) module, all students have a Child Health in Primary Care campus-based workshop, delivered by GPs experienced in managing Child Health problems. 

Teaching takes place in groups of 60 students, and there are 6 workshops throughout the year. The workshops include clerking of simulated patients, role plays amongst students and quizzess, as well as feedback and discussion. 

  • To provide opportunities to learn about common paediatric problems in Primary Care
  • To practise core clinical skills in paediatrics
  • To help students understand the role of the community in children's health care
Learning Objectives
  • To see common childhood illnesses at an early stage of presentation, and to follow up their progress
  • To gain confidence in making initial assessments of sick children
  • To understand the impact of childhood illness on the family
  • To meet children with chronic illness or special needs and their families
  • To see the work of other professionals working with children in the community e.g. health visitors, child social worker
  • To participate in child health promotion activity
Student Information
Content of the Child Health in primary care workshops

Clearly time is limited within one workshop day. However, we hope to cover most of the following areas:

  • Clinical skills history taking and examination of children
  • Acute childhood illness e.g. fever, diarrhoea & vomiting, URTI, rashes
  • Chronic childhood illness e.g. asthma, eczema
  • The Normal Child development, feeding, immunisation
  • Behavioural/social aspects of child health e.g. enuresis, school refusal, adolescent problems
  • The multi-professional team professional roles e.g. health visitor, members of child protection team

Please note that attendance of all community-based teaching is compulsory and will be monitored as part of your firm assessment. 

if for any genuine reason you are unable to attend, it is essential that you email pcphmeded@ucl.ac.uk as soon as possible, and complete the Absence Report and Leave Request Form.


If you have any questions about your Child Health in Primary Care workshops, please contact pcphmeded@ucl.ac.uk.


For further information students should refer to the following:

GP Tutor Information
Teaching content

Examples of topics taught include immunisations, UTI in children, cow's milk intolerance, adolescent problems etc . All resources and teaching materials are provided.

Discussion and feedback

Working with students allows you to develop an opinion on their skills, knowledge and attitude, and enables you to give them useful information about their performance. Discussing different cases and students' performance, as well as giving them constructive feedback helps students reflect, develop and improve.

Any queries

If you have any general questions about your Child Health in Primary Care workshops, please contact pcphmeded@ucl.ac.uk