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As part of the Women's Health with Dermatology module, students spend one morning with a dermatology GP tutor, in their practice, learning about skin problems seen in Primary Care.

Teaching is usually in groups of four students. For some students, this may take place in the same practice as the Core GP attachment, but more often dermatology teaching is in a different practice.

  • To provide students with opportunities to practise their core clinical skills in dermatological history and examination
  • To see and learn about common skin problems in the community
Student Information
Learning objectives

By the end of your General Practice based dermatology teaching you should have:

  • Gained confidence in taking a history from patients with any kind of skin problem
  • Gained confidence in examining the skin
  • Learnt appropriate use of descriptive dermatological terminology
  • Discussed diagnosis and management, and where possible seen examples, of common skin problems presenting in General Practice
  • Met at least one patient with a chronic skin disease and understood the impact of this on their life

Please note that attendance of all community-based teaching is compulsory and will be monitored as part of your firm assessment. 

Patients are usually asked specially to attend for your teaching sessions so, if for any genuine reason you are unable to attend, it is essential that you email medsch.year5@ucl.ac.uk as soon as possible, and also contact the practice that is expecting you.

Any queries

If you have any general questions about your Dermatology GP placement please contact Dr Madeleine Foster.

For further information students should refer to the following:

GP Tutor Information
Contents of the Dermatology Community Curriculum

What is best taught in the community?

  • Burden of skin disease (personal/public)
  • Chronic mild conditions (especially infective/inflammatory)
  • Psychosomatic aspects of dermatology
  • Therapeutic aspects of dermatology

What should tutors teach in the community?

  • History and examination
  • Use of descriptive terminology
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Acne
  • Leg ulceration
  • Principles of therapeutics (Holistic approach to management m adults and children, Principles of skin care and Rx)

Attendance of all General Practice sessions is compulsory. Students are told that should exceptional circumstances arise and they are unable to attend a placement, they should immediately inform Medical Student Administration and the practice which is expecting them.

If a student fails to attend without prior warning, please inform Dr Will Coppola as soon a possible. 

We do not usually consider it appropriate for students who are suddenly unwell, or unfit to attend, to inform you of this via another student. If this happens, please let us know by contacting our administrator.

Concerns about students

If you have any concerns of a pastoral or educational nature about any students, please contact either Dr Will Coppola or Dr Madeleine Foster to discuss.