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Mental Health Research Group

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The Primary Care Mental Health Research Group is based at the Royal Free and University College Medical School (Royal Free Campus) and undertakes research on the epidemiology, detection and management of mental health disorders in primary care and the evaluations of complex interventions for mental health, with particular reference to anxiety, depression, dementia, schizophrenia and the interface between mental and physical health.

Dr Marta Buszewicz leads the group, which is a cross departmental venture between PCPH and Mental Health Sciences at the UCL. The group has primary care, psychiatric, statistical, health economics and clinical input and undertakes both primary (on patients and professionals) and secondary (systematic reviews and analyses of large clinical databases in particular The Health Improvement Network (THIN)) research.

The group work closely with the primary care e-health research unit and the units of cardiovascular health and sexual health and infections within the department of PCPH. The research activities of the unit include both national and international research.