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Below is a list of current and completed research projects by the UCL Mental Health Research Group. You can also view a list of key publications by the group.  

Current research projects

ANTLER- Antidepressants to prevent relapse in depressionDepressionNIHR HTA
BHiRCH- Reducing rates of avoidable hospital admissions: Optimising an evidence based intervention to improve care for Ambulatory Care Sensitive conditions in nursing homes.Dementia NIHR PGfAR
CIRCLE- Randomised controlled trial of the clinical and cost-effectiveness of a contingency management intervention for reduction of cannabis use and of relapse in early psychosisSchizophrenia / Severe Mental IllnessNIHR HTA
The MARQUE project-Managing agitation and raising quality of life. A project to improve quality of life in people with moderate or severe dementiaDementiaESRC/NIHR
Orbit - Therapist-guided, parent-assisted remote digital behavioural intervention for tics in children and adolescents with Tourette Syndrome: an internal pilot study and single-blind randomised controlled trialFunctional disordersNIHR HTA
Physio4MD - Short duration high intensity physiotherapy for functional motor disorderFunctional disordersNIHR HTA
RADAR- Research into Antipsychotic Discontinuation And ReductionSchizophrenia and Severe Mental IllnessNIHR PGfAR

The public mental health programme is being delivered by the NIHR School of Public Health Research (SPHR), a partnership of eight leading academic centres, including UCL. It focuses on promotion, prevention and population-wide approaches to influence positive and negative mental health outcomes. We aim to generate new knowledge which practitioners can use to deliver impact. Click here for further details

Public Mental Health


VIP- A randomised controlled trial of the clinical and cost effectiveness of a Victim Improvement Package for the reduction of chronic symptoms of depression or anxiety in older victims of common crime.Anxiety disorders



Completed research projects

AMICUS- Amisulpiride augmentation in clozapine-unresponsive schizophreniaSchizophrenia and Severe Mental IllnessNIHR HTA
CanACT- A feasibility randomised control trial to evaluate the clinical and cost effectiveness of ACT plus treatment as usual (TAU), a Talking Control (TC) plus TAU or TAU alone for the treatment of dysfunction in advanced cancerDepressionNIHR RfPB
CanTalk - the clinical and cost effectiveness of CBT plus treatment as usual for the treatment of depression in advanced cancer; a randomised controlled trialDepressionNIHR HTA
PANDA RCT & Pilot RCT - What are the indications for prescribing antidepressants that will lead to a clinical benefit?DepressionNIHR PGfAR
PREDICTPREV- Evaluating web based information for prevention of depression in general practice: an exploratory randomised controlled trialDepressionEuropean Commission
PRIMROSE - Programme of the prevention and treatment of cardio-vascular diseases in people with schizophrenia and severe mental illnessesSchizophrenia and severe mental illnessNIHR PGfAR
The START- Strategies for relatives study- A pragmatic randomised controlled trial to determine the effectiveness of a manual based coping strategy programme in promoting the mental health of carers of people with dementiaDementiaNIHR HTA
Start2Quit- A randomised trial to increase the uptake of smoking cessation services using personal targeted risk information and taster sessionsAddiction disorderNIHR HTA
ToSCA- Randomised controlled trial of the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor Sertraline versus Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for anxiety symptoms in people with Generalised Anxiety Disorder who have failed to respond to low intensity psychological interventions as defined by the NICE GAD guidelinesAnxiety disordersNIHR HTA