Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care


Medical Education Collaborations


We lead the London BICC. This is a Best Evidence in Medical Education (BEME) International Collaboration Centre. BEME globally produce, support and disseminate quality systematic reviews about medical and health care education. They support a wide range of synthesis methods. 

Team members for this are: Melvyn Jones PCPH; Kath Woolf Research Dept Medical Education UCL; Mark Newman IoE; and Elliott Rees RDME. 

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We co-lead Workstream 4.0 of the Evidence Synthesis Working Group (Leads Sophie Park UCL and Kamal Mahtani Oxford). Currently we are leading a review about delegated home visits (research assistant Ruth Abrams). 

Sophie Park is Training Co-Lead for the ESWG.

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We have conducted a theatre and workshop engagement event, Is There A Doctor In The House? Read about our story here.

SAPC (International Society of Academic Primary Care)

Sophie Park is Chair for the Primary Care Education Research Group. The role includes supporting collaborative research; co-ordinating and chairing groups to establish current priorities for research to inform practice and policy.