Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care


PhD Opportunities in PCPH for 2018

Who are we?
  • Clinicians (doctors, nurses, physios, pharmacists, dentists…)
  • Psychologists 
  • Epidemiologists 
  • Statisticians 
  • Sociologists 
  • Health economists 
  • Patients and the public (through user groups)  
  • E-Health 
  • Ageing 
  • Mental Health 
  • Sexual health 
  • Infectious disease including HIV 
  • Electronic health records research 
  • Epidemiology (health of populations) 
  • Drug safety 
  • Cardiovascular disease 
  • Health behavior 
  • Health promotion 
  • Health communication 
  • Health Services Research 
  • Medical education 
  • Society, culture and health 
  • New methods for analysis of data 
Methods and study design
  • Qualitative methods (interviews, focus groups) 
  • Cross-sectional survey research 
  • Intervention design (in consultation with users) 
  • Statistical techniques for large databases 
  • Epidemiology (analysing data on populations) 
  • Observational studies using electronic health records 
  • Randomised controlled trials 
  • Quasi-experimental designs 
  • Discourse analysis, conversation analysis 
  • Economic evaluation including decision modelling 
  • Action research 
Why join us?
  • Research with clear links to patient health problems 
  • Very wide choice of topics relating to patients or healthcare 
  • Enthusiastic, supportive PhD student groups
  • Internationally recognised research teams 
  • Expertise from many different disciplines 
  • Excellent support from supervisors 
  • Freedom to pursue your own research ideas 
  • Opportunities to present and publish 
  • Support for your future career   

Research groups in the Research Department of Primary Care and Population Health

The University College London Research Department of Primary Care and Population Health (PCPH) is multi-disciplinary and internationally competitive. We research health and disease in individuals and populations. We have a multidisciplinary approach to research and teaching with expertise within the department in clinical primary care, epidemiology, medical statistics, medical sociology, health economics and health psychology. We have particular methodological strengths in quantitative and qualitative research, analysis of large clinical databases and clinical trial methodology. PCPH is one of the leading Departments of Primary Care in the UK. We are a member of the NIHR School of Primary Care Research, which is formed by the nine top Departments of Primary Care in England. 

Potential funding sources:

Wellcome Trust - Doctoral Studentships

London NERC DTP (pan-disciplinary)

School of Primary Care Research (SPCR) Studentships 2018

British Heart Foundation - 4 year studentships - 15th December

NIHR School for Primary Care Fellowships