Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care


Grants (since 2001)

DatesTitle of Grant and Co-investigators.Awarding Body£
2001 - 2002The effect of health information on the Internet on the doctor-patient relationshipCommonwealth Fund / Harkness Fellowship in Health Care Policy$75,000
2002 - 2007

Interactive Health Communication Applications for people with chronic disease

Department of Health National Career Scientist Award£681,345
2003Interactive Health Communication Applications for people with chronic disease: A systematic review. Co-investigators: I. Nazareth, S. See Tai.Department of Health*£14,820
2003 - 2004Interactive Health Communication Applications for people with chronic disease: A systematic review. Co-investigators: I. Nazareth, S. See Tai.North Central Thames Primary Care Research Network*£16,563
 *Jointly awarded to fund same study 
2003 - 2004

Why do patients use interactive health communication applications, and what criteria do they use for assessing the quality of the applications? Co-investigators: I. Nazareth, F. Stevenson.

BUPA Foundation for Medical Research£45,215
2005 - 2008

Interactive Internet Interventions to improve the sexual health of teenagers. Co-investigators: J. Bailey, I. Nazareth, G. Rait, F. Stevenson.

North Central London Research Consortium£45,590
2006 - 2009

How does an Internet Intervention help patients with Coronary Heart Disease achieve better health? Co-investigators: I. Nazareth, F. Stevenson, D. Gustafson, F. MacTavish, D. Patterson.

BUPA Foundation for Medical Research£80,332
2006 - 2008

The attitudes of health care professionals to e-health technologies and services, and the identification of strategies to support increased uptake. PI = F. Mair, Co-investigators = C. May, T. Finch, K. O'Donnell, F. Sullivan, P. Wallace.

Service Delivery and Organisation£299,997
2006 - 2009On-line randomised controlled trial of a fully interactive web-based intervention for reducing excessive alcohol consumption. PI = P. Wallace, Co-investigators = S. Thompson, C. Godfrey, S. Linke, J. McCambridge.National Prevention Research Initiative / Medical Research Council£335,364
2008 - 2011

IES Platform: Are interactive computer-based interventions effective in promoting sexual behaviour change in young people? Intervention development and optimisation of trial parameters. PI = J. Bailey, Co-investigators = G. Hart, I. Nazareth, C. Free, G. Rait, T. Roberts

Medical Research Council£511,514
2008 - 2011

Use of the Normalisation Process Model in developing and evaluating complex interventions: Peer Learning Group. Co-investigator = C. May

National Institute of Health Research School of Primary Care Research£17,820
2008 - 2010

Developing and evaluating pathways of care for people with alcohol misuse disorders in Kingston. Co-PI = S. Linke

Kingston Primary Care Trust£79,764
2009 - 2010

Adaptive e-Learning to improve dietary behaviour: Systematic review. PI = P. Edwards, Co-investigators = S. Michie, E. Ferguson, C. Free, K. Lock, A. Miners.

Health Technology Assessment Board£265,214
2009 - 2010

Normalising new technologies: building a web-enabled toolkit for implementation practitioners

Economic and Social Research Council£100,000
2010 - 2011

Computer-based self-management programmes for adults with type 2 diabetes: Cochrane Systematic Review. Co-PI = K. Pal, Co-investigators = S. Michie, R. Peacock, M. Barnard, A. Farmer.

National Institute of Health Research School of Primary Care Research£68,869
2010 - 2011

Qualitative evaluation of an innovative online service for hazardous and harmful drinkers (DYD Kingston). Co-investigators = S. Conroy, S. Linke, F. Stevenson.

National Institute of Health Research School of Primary Care Research£29,788
2010 - 2011

Sexual health outcome measurement: online questionnaire development, validation and piloting. PI = J. Bailey, Co-investigators = G. Hart, A. Copas, G. Feder.

National Institute of Health Research School of Primary Care Research£59,322
2011 - 2016

Development, Evaluation and Implementation of a web-based self-management programme for people with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Co-investigators = K. Pal, S. Michie, F. Stevenson, M. Barnard, C. May, J. Inniss, S. Thompson, L. Yardley, A. Farmer, B. Fisher, D. Patterson, P. Wallace, R. Peacock, C. Godfrey, M. Boazman.

National Institute of Health Research£2million
2012 - 2014

From evidence to practice: addressing the translation gap for complex

interventions in primary care. Co-investigators = P. Ong, K. Dziedzic, S. Eldridge, H. Everitt, G. Feder, A. Kennedy, E. Kontopantelis, P. Little, N. Qureshi, A. Rogers, F.Stevenson, S. Treweek.

National Institute of Health Research School of Primary Care Research£341,263
2012 - 2014

Embedding effective renal care: Understanding and improving the management of chronic kidney disease in primary care. PI = A. Kennedy, Co-I = G. Feder, T. Blakeman, J. Protheroe, L. Locock, J. Horwood.

National Institute of Health Research School of Primary Care Research£175,000
2011 - 2014

Improving the normalization of complex interventions: developing quantitative measures for users based on Normalisation Process Theory. PI = T Finch, Co-I = C May, T Rapley, E Kaner, F Mair, S Treweek, I Steen.

Economic and Social Research Council£436,420
2012 - 2013Views on drinking and its consequences. PI = Z Khadjesari,National Institute of Health Research School of Primary Care Research£30,000
2012 - 2015

Crucible Studentship, jointly with A Blandford

2012 - 2013Health on the Web RCT. Joint PI with Z Khadjesari.National Institute of Health Research School of Primary Care Research£75,468.
2012 - 2013

Self-management support interventions to reduce health care utilisation without compromising outcomes: a rapid synthesis of the evidence. PI = P Bower.

NIHR Service, Delivery and Organisation Programme£152,000
2013 - 2015

An interactive computer-based intervention to increase condom use: intervention development and pilot trial. PI = Julia Bailey

NIHR Health Technology Assessment Programme£507,017
2013 - 2014Community-based undergraduate medical education: Systematic Review

National Institute of Health Research School of Primary Care Research

2013 - 2015Sexual health promotion delivered by digital media: a scoping studyNIHR Public Health Research Programme£271,109

2013 -


Development and evaluation of a web-based decision and safety planning aid for women experiencing

domestic violence (I-DECIDE).

PI = K Hegarty, University of Melbourne

Australian Research Council




2013 - 14

Feasibility study of electronic screening and brief intervention for alcohol misuse in public sector workplace settings

Alcohol Research UK£52,000
2014 - 2017

A randomised trial of a clinical prediction tool for targeting depression care.

PI = J Gunn, University of Melbourne

Australian National Health and Medical Research CouncilAUD 907,277
2014 - 2019Integrating Digital Interventions into Patient Self-Management SupportNIHR Programme for Applied Health Research£2,000,000
2014 - 2019North Thames CLAHRC; the DIAMOND Feasibility Trial (Digital Alcohol Management on Demand).NIHR CLAHRC£9,000,000
2015 - 2016Online structured education with email facilitation for people with type 2 diabetes: pilot studyNIHR School of Primary Care Research£30,000
2016 - 19Implementation of a Relatives Toolkit (IMPART study): Examining the critical success factors, barriers and facilitators to implementation of an online self-management intervention in the NHS. PI = Fi Lobban, University of LancasterHS&DR£590,094
2016- 19

An online randomised controlled trial to evaluate the clinical and cost effectiveness of a peer supported self-management intervention for relatives of people with psychosis or bipolar disorder: Relatives

Education And Coping Toolkit (REACT). PI = Fi Lobban, University of Lancaster

2016 - 18Patients' and primary care professionals' views on, and preferences for, a digital diabetes prevention programme (DDPP) among individuals at high risk of developing diabetesNIHR School of Primary Care Research£50,124
2016 - 17

Inter-Txt2Heart trial pilot: International trial to evaluate efficacy and safety of text message to improve adherence to cardiovascular medications in secondary prevention.

Global Health Trials£151,352
2016 - 18

Harnessing resources from the internet to maximise outcomes from GP consultations (HaRI): a qualitative study.

NIHR School of Primary Care Research£263,629
2017 - 2022Program for Effective mHealth interventions in under-resourced settings for adolescents- POWERTXTWellcome Trust India AllianceINR 40,764,617
2017 - 2021

Therapist guided, parent-assisted remote digital behavioural intervention for tics in children and

adolescents with Tourette syndrome: an internal pilot study and single-blind randomised controlled trial

2017 - 2022UCL and King's Integrated Policy Research Unit for Mental Health

DH Policy Research Unit

(confirmation of funding, but contract not signed).

1.1.2018 - 31.12.2022NIHR MindTech MedTech and In vitro Diagnostic Co-operativeNIHR; confirmation of funding but contract not signed.£1,359,127
1.10.2017 - 30.9.2020Improving the evidence base for primary care: NIHR Evidence Synthesis working groupNSPCR£1,912,967
2018 - 2019Developing a digital toolkit to support patients with oesophageal cancer and their health care professionalsMacMillan£100,000