Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care


Morning Workshops

Practice-based Learning: The iBSc in Primary Care case study 
Dr Surinder Singh - Clinical Senior Lecturer, Primary Care and Population Health

This workshop will use the case study of the iBSc in Primary Health Care, a clinical integrated degree, where students spend one day a week in a practice. The student's GP placement will be explored to determine what key components contribute to a valuable educational experience. Delegates will have the opportunity to discuss with current students their reflections on learning in practice, and use this as a basis for discussion on how to effectively facilitate practice-based learning.

Facilitating feedback in Primary Care Undergraduate Placements
Prof Robert McKinley - Director of Medical Education Research and Scholarship, Keele University School of Medicine

This workshop will explore with participants how to facilitate meaningful feedback for students and the challenges this can prove. Using written examples, this workshop will engage participants in discussion about how students perceive feedback (e.g. written, verbal, structured, formative), and reflect on their own methods of giving feedback.

Measuring Quality in Undergraduate Medical Education
Dr Ann Griffin - Clinical Senior Lecturer, Honorary Consultant in Medical Education, UCL Medical School Dr Natasha Malik -  Clinical Teaching Fellow in Medial Education, UCL Medical School

This workshop will engage delegates in discussion about educational quality, examining what quality is from the perspective of the GP educator, the student, the patient and the University. We will consider what principles underlie these stakeholder perspectives of quality. Participants will examine current quality performance frameworks/educational standards used in undergraduate teaching (e.g. the TEF, GMC, UCL criteria) and critically appraise them. They will also be encouraged to discuss the relevance of these standards and whether they would be useful in enhancing their own teaching.

Shaping Career Intentions: Promoting General Practice
Dr Melvyn Jones - Clinical Senior Lecturer, Primary Care and Population Health
Dr Maslah Amin - National Medical Director's Honorary Clinical Fellow, Health Education England 

The Wass report in 2017 made 15 recommendations to help increase the numbers of junior doctors entering GP training schemes, 4 of these recommendations were to change perception of GP as a career at the medical school level. Drs Mas Amin and Shiv Chande were the two junior doctors that explored the literature about medical school influences for the Wass team and have worked with UCL to develop this knowledge. We will present the work that underlies the report and explore what this means to GP teachers in this workshop.