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List of Whitehall II publications by Whitehall II researchers, ordered alphabetically by first author. This list includes consortia papers. 

  • Changes over time in the Chronic Liver Disease risk score predict liver-related outcomes: longitudinal analysis of the Whitehall II study. Åberg F, Britton A, Luukkonen PK. Scand J Gastroenterol. 58(2):170-177. 2023 (PMID: 35989617)
  • Sex Differences in Cardiac Troponin Trajectories Over the Life Course. de Bakker M, Anand A, Shipley M, Fujisawa T, Shah ASV, Kardys I, Boersma E, Brunner EJ, Mills NL, Kimenai DM. Circulation. 147(24):1798-1808. 2023 (PMID: 37114498)
  • Comparison of sex differences in cognitive function in older adults between high- and middle-income countries and the role of education: a population-based multicohort study.* Bloomberg M, Dugravot A, Sommerlad A, Kivimäki M, Singh-Manoux A, Sabia S. Age Ageing. 52(2):afad019. 2023 (PMID: 36821646)
  • Identification of physical activity and sedentary behaviour dimensions that predict mortality risk in older adults: Development of a machine learning model in the Whitehall II accelerometer sub-study and external validation in the CoLaus study. Chen M, Landré B, Marques-Vidal P, van Hees VT, van Gennip ACE, Bloomberg M, Yerramalla MS, Benadjaoud MA, Sabia S. EClinicalMedicine. 55:101773. 2023 (PMID: 36568684)
  • Association of workplace violence and bullying with later suicide risk: a multicohort study and meta-analysis of published data. Hanson LLM, Pentti J, Nordentoft M, Xu T, Rugulies R, Madsen IEH, Conway PM, Westerlund H, Vahtera J, Ervasti J, Batty GD, Kivimäki M. Lancet Public Health. 8(7):e494-e503. 2023 (PMID: 37393088)
  • Trajectories of cardiac troponin in the decades before cardiovascular death: a longitudinal cohort study. Kimenai DM, Anand A, de Bakker M, Shipley M, Fujisawa T, Lyngbakken MN, Hveem K, Omland T, Valencia-Hernández CA, Lindbohm JV, Kivimaki M, Singh-Manoux A, Strachan FE, Shah ASV, Kardys I, Boersma E, Brunner EJ, Mills NL. BMC Med. 21(1):216. 2023 (PMID: 37337233)
  • Estimating Dementia Risk Using Multifactorial Prediction Models. Kivimäki M, Livingston G, Singh-Manoux A, Mars N, Lindbohm JV, Pentti J, Nyberg ST, Pirinen M, Anderson EL, Hingorani AD, Sipilä PN. JAMA Netw Open. 6(6):e2318132. 2023 (PMID: 37310738)
  • The multiple roles of life stress in metabolic disorders. Kivimäki M, Bartolomucci A, Kawachi I. Nat Rev Endocrinol. 19(1):10-27. 2023 (PMID: 36224493)
  • Trajectories of physical and mental functioning over 25 years before onset of frailty: results from the Whitehall II cohort study. Landré B, Ben Hassen C, Kivimaki M, Bloomberg M, Dugravot A, Schniztler A, Sabia S, Singh-Manoux A. T J Cachexia Sarcopenia Muscle. 14(1):288-297. 2023 (PMID: 36397170)
  • Genome-wide association analysis identifies ancestry-specific genetic variation associated with acute response to metformin and glipizide in SUGAR-MGH. Li JH, Brenner LN, Kaur V, Figueroa K, Schroeder P, Huerta-Chagoya A; MAGIC Investigators; Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) Research Group; Udler MS, Leong A, Mercader JM, Florez JC. Diabetologia. 66(7):1260-1272. 2023 (PMID: 37233759)
  • Pericardial Fat, Socioeconomic Status, and Biological Responses to Acute Mental Stress. Miller NE, Steptoe A. Psychosom Med. 85(3):280-288. 2023 (PMID: 36705572)
  • Biomedical consequences of elevated cholesterol-containing lipoproteins and apolipoproteins on cardiovascular and non-cardiovascular outcomes.  Schmidt AF, Joshi R, Gordillo-Marañón M, Drenos F, Charoen P, Giambartolomei C, Bis JC, Gaunt TR, Hughes AD, Lawlor DA, Wong A, Price JF, Chaturvedi N, Wannamethee G, Franceschini N, Kivimaki M, Hingorani AD, Finan C.  Commun Med (Lond). 3(1):9. 2023 (PMID: 36670186)
  • Does depression in mid-life predispose to greater cognitive decline in later life in the Whitehall II cohort?  Sinclair LI, Ball HA, Bolea-Alamanac BM. J Affect Disord. 355:111-119. 2023 (PMID: 37172658)
  • Social participation and risk of developing dementia. Sommerlad A, Kivimäki M, Larson EB, Röhr S, Shirai K, Singh-Manoux A, Livingston G. Nat Aging. 3(5):532-545. 2023 (PMID: 37202513)
  • Association of sleep with cognitive function during retirement transition: the Whitehall II study. Teräs T, Rovio S, Pentti J, Head J, Kivimäki M, Stenholm S.  Sleep. 46(1):zsac237. 2023 (PMID: 36165428)  

Whitehall II data were not used in this publication, it is a follow-up of a previous publication based on Whitehall II data by the same author, and part of M Bloomberg’ PhD thesis.