Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care


Support Staff

Administration team:

Dr Tindie Kalsi
Project Manager
Email: j.k.kalsi@ucl.ac.uk
Tindie is an experienced project manager, responsible for the overall project management of the study, including finance and HR as well as the long term strategy and planning. 
Ms Jean Persaud
Study Assistant
Email: jean.persaud@ucl.ac.uk

Jean's duties include research co-ordination with external research collaborators, library research support, referencing and submitting research papers, data entry, laboratory liaison and events tracing.

Jean also provides Whitehall II participants liaison support e.g. maintaining continued participation in the study.

Jean Persuad
Ms Ashley West
Administrative Assistant
Email: ashley.west@ucl.ac.uk
Ashley provides two days a week administrative support to Professor Mika Kivimaki and Professor Annie Britton. 
Ashley West

Survey team:

Mrs Beverly Milne
Clinical Co-Ordinator
Email: b.milne@ucl.ac.uk

Beverly is Senior Research Nurse responsible for co-ordinating the clinic and home visits during the study data collection. This includes developing standardized protocols for all measures and adapting these for the home visits, as well as liaising with researchers, collaborators, Senior Data Manager, Study & Data Coordinator and Database Programmer on data and measurement needs.

Beverly is also responsible for the ethics applications and management of the study biological samples.

Beverly Milne
Ms Stephanie Smith
Study & Data Coordinator
Email: s.c.smith@ucl.ac.uk
Stephanie joined the Whitehall II study team in 1995 and took up the senior role of Study and Data Co-ordinator in 2001.

Stephanie is responsible for managing and co-ordinating the study data collection and administrative related activities. She also deals with participant and study related queries.
Stephanie Smith