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HOPE Launch Event

Health of Older People in Places (HOPE) Launch Event

First slide that says welcome to our launch event: healthy older people in places - does it make for a healthy economy?

On Friday the 6th of November 2020, the HOPE team hosted a virtual launch event on Zoom. The purpose of the event was to introduce the Health Foundation-funded HOPE research project to external stakeholders and to consult with the attendees to deliver policy relevant research.  The event was well attended, with representatives across government, charitable and think tank organisations.

The two-hour event was split into two parts, the first part an introduction to the research project by the four HOPE team members:

  • Professor Jenny Head, co-Investigator, welcomed everyone to the event & gave a brief policy introduction. 
  • Dr Emily T Murray, the Principal Investigator of HOPE, gave an introduction to the HOPE research project.  Her presentation included introduction to the aims of the project, an overview of the project plan and a few preliminary results. 
  • Professor Nicola Shelton, a co-Investigator, gave a talk on the particular aspects of the study sample, the Office for National Statistics Longitudinal Study (ONS LS), that HOPE plan to use during the project. 
  • Dr Paul Norman, a Co-Investigator from the University of Leeds, presented planned work to link place-level health data from aggregate census and mortality data to the ONS LS.

After a short break, the remainder of the meeting was devoted to hearing attendee’s views of the research project and what research questions would be the most beneficial to their organisation.  The HOPE team are currently compiling the discussion answers and deciding how best to incorporate discussion points into the HOPE research agenda.

We thank all of the participants for your help in making our launch event such a success!  

Slides from the event are located on the HOPE Project's ResearchGate project page.