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Nora Groce

Prof. Nora Groce
Centre Director

(t) +44 (0)203-108-3177
(e) nora.groce@ucl.ac.uk

Prof. Nora Groce holds a PhD in anthropology, and works in international development and global health with a particular emphasis on applied research. Her research interests include research and advocacy on behalf of people with disability in long-term disabling consequences of disease, violence as a global public health issue and equity in access to international development efforts. Prof. Groce regularly leads research initiatives, has published extensively and is an advisor to UN organizations, national governments, international NGOs and Disabled Peoples Organizations (DPOs).

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Maria Kett

Dr. Maria Kett
Honorary Reader in Disability and International Development

(e) m.kett@ucl.ac.uk

Dr. Maria Kett holds a PhD in anthropology and works on disability and international  development, with a particular interest in health, education human rights, poverty alleviation, and the consequences of social exclusion. Dr Kett has a strong focus on research in conflict and disaster-affected countries and is currently leading on a number of research programmes on disability and international development. 

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Raymond Lang

Dr. Raymong Lang
Honorary Senior Research Fellow UCL; Leonard Chesire Staff

(e) r.lang@ucl.ac.uk

Dr. Lang is an expert on global disability policy. His research interests include mainstreaming disability into broader development programmes, monitoring and evaluation of disability programmes, the practicalities of the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and policy in practice within the disability and development sector. In addition to his appointment to the Centre, Dr. Lang is a Research Fellow (Qualitative) for the UK Charity Leonard Chesire. 

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Marcella Deluca

Marcella Deluca (Msc)
Honorary Senior Research Fellow UCL; Leonard Chesire Staff

(e) marcella.deluca@ucl.ac.uk

Marcella Deluca is an expert in Inclusive Education. She has extensive experience in research and project management in education and training for children with disability as well as in international development and poverty reduction. She has worked extensively on the evaluation of projects and programmes that provide services to persons with disabilities. In additition to her appointment to the Centre, Ms. Deluca is the Senior Researcher (Inclusive Education) for the UK Charity Leonard Cheshire. 

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Mark Carew

Dr. Mark Carew
Honorary Research Fellow UCL; Leonard Chesire Staff

(e) m.carew@ucl.ac.uk 

Dr. Mark Carew is a social psychologist and an expert in global disability research. He also has extensive experience in quantitative research. Dr. Carew has worked on issues of access to education, health care, and social protection as well as in-depth work on sexual and reproductive health among persons with disabilities. In additition to his appointment to the Centre, Dr. Carew is the Senior Researcher (Disability Data and Inclusive Policies) for the UK Charity Leonard Chesire. 

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Mitchell Loeb (MSc)
Honorary Senior Research Fellow UCL

(e) meloeb52@gmail.com

Mitchell Loeb, a health sceintist with an extensive epidemiologic research backgorund, is committed to the development of comparable disability measures particularly through working with the Washington Group on Disability Statistics. Previously based at the US Department of Health Statistics, he joined the UCL Centre in January 2020 to work on the DFAT-funded Washington Group for Disability Statistics Project. 


Picture of Dr Daniel Mont


 Dr. Daniel Mont
Honorary Senior Research Fellow UCL

Dr. Mont, Honorary UCL Senior Research Associate and Co-President of the Centre for Inclusive Policy, is an economist by training and works on issues of inclusive development, disability and poverty, education, and social protection in developing countries


Picture of Ellie Cole

Ellie Cole (Msc) 
Honorary Research Fellow UCL

Ellie Cole is a disability and global health professional with a decade’s experience undertaking disability-inclusive international development research. She has worked on research projects predominantly in sub-Saharan Africa, and her research interests include issues around health equity and universal health coverage for people with disabilities, disability and climate resilience, and disability-inclusive livelihoods.


Angela Sarkisian 
Washington Group Project Coordinator / Administrator

(t)+44 (0)20 3108 3147
(e) angela.sarkisian.19@ucl.ac.uk 

Angela Sarkisiana, a current MSc student at UCL studying Global Health and Development, is the Centre's coordinator for the Washington Group on Disability Statistics project. Her role involves project management and financial and administrative coordination, as well as support for this four-year DFAT-funded grant.