Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care


Translational Research

Much of ICLS' research is highly policy relevant, addressing the major challenges facing society today. Our work also seeks to address 3 of the Economic and Social Research Council's strategic priorities: mental health and well-being; productivity; ways of being in a digital age.

In our current programme of work we are undertaking a number of scoping exercises to see how evidence generated from our research using observational data could be extended to inform randomised trials, and in the development of modelling tools for Government and third sector users.

Examples of this type of exploratory work include:

  • Reviews of ICLS findings in collaboration with users of our research
  • Establishing working relationships with those who conduct research that has a direct impact on the health of the public, including designing interventions
  • Using our work to date to inform econometric models of health, allowing cost-benefit analysis of different interventions
  • Work with RAND Europe on PHE commissioned research to identify promising workplace intervention case studies on healthy workplaces 

Other research themes

Our current research programme includes three other themes: