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Applying to use the ONS LS

ONS accommodates and promotes use of the LS yet must ensure the confidentiality of the individuals in the sample. Researchers therefore need to make an application to access the LS. 

The application procedures are outlined below, but before applying:

Application procedures

Apply to use LS data

To use LS data, researchers must submit a Research Project Application (Word) and an ONS Longitudinal Study Supplementary Form (Word) to celsius@ucl.ac.uk. We will ensure that your application is completed to the standards required by ONS and forward completed forms to them for their approval.

At the present time we estimate that from submission of your application to CeLSIUS to full and final approval you should allow six to eight weeks.

ONS will contact you to inform you of your project's approval and will ask you to complete Controlled Access Security Operating Procedures (SyOPs) and Researcher Data Access Agreement (DAA) forms, which they will forward to you by email. 

Simultaneously, or while waiting for your application to be approved, please follow the Researcher Accreditation procedures, below.

Apply for ONS Researcher Accreditation

ONS refers to initial research outputs as 'pre-publication outputs'. Any LS researcher wishing to see and/or use these outputs whether it be in an ONS secure setting or on their own computer must hold ONS Researcher Accreditation. This involves meeting accredited research criteria and then making an Accredited Researcher (Full) Application (Word). Send your application to celsius@ucl.ac.uk so that we may help you to complete it to the standards required by ONS. ONS Researcher Accreditation lasts for a period of five years.

Researchers on the project who will not be needing to see pre-publication outputs may instead sign a confidentiality agreement which ONS will send to the project's lead researcher.

Undergo LS secure data training

Approved Accredited Researchers will be invited by ONS to attend a day of secure data training at one of their office locations. Upon completion of this training, researchers will be asked to sign an Accredited Researcher Access Declaration (PDF)Please note:

  • CeLSIUS LS user support staff will not be allowed to release any outputs for a project until accredited researchers have been trained

The above information is a version of ONS' Approved Researcher Scheme, modified for CeLSIUS-supported LS researchers only.

See Doing your LS research for information on what happens once your project has been approved.