Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care


Health Behaviours in Multiple Myeloma (MASCOT)

MASCOT is a study of the effects of exercise on fatigue and bone health in patients with multiple myeloma, using an adapted Zelen design (cohort study and intervention). We have obtained additional funding for this work from Celgene and increased our planned sample from 100 to 138. This study will provide novel data on the lifestyle of myeloma patients and explore the relationship between health behaviours and health and quality of life outcomes observed in the stable phase of the disease, in addition to being the first RCT to explore the impact of exercise on markers of bone health in this patient group. 

Principal investigator: Professor Kwee Yong (external), Dr Abi Fisher (internal)

Collaborators: Bruce Paton (Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health), Allan Hackshaw (Cancer Research UK & UCL Cancer Trials Centre)

Contact: Abi Fisher (abigail.fisher[at]ucl.ac.uk), Maggie Heinrich (malgorzata.heinrich[at]ucl.ac.uk)