Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care


Attitudes, Behaviour, and Cancer-UK Survey (ABACUS)

The ABACUS is an annual cross-sectional survey that provides a common infrastructure for collecting population-representative data for the Colorectal Cancer Screening Uptake, Cancer Fear and Informed Decision-Making projects. The 2014 survey focused on motivational and volitional determinants of colorectal cancer screening uptake and tracked actual screening uptake of consenting survey respondents in the NHS Bowel Cancer Screening Programme records. The 2015 survey focused on cancer information seeking and informational needs in cancer screening, including for prostate and lung cancer. In 2016, two ABACUS surveys were carried out: one focusing on decision-making styles, overdiagnosis, and knowledge and awareness of Bowel Scope screening, and one focusing on cancer fear, cancer stigma, and knowledge and awareness of lifestyle risk factors for cancer.

This project is funded by Cancer Research UK through a Programme Grant (2012-2018) awarded to Prof Jane Wardle.

Principal investigator: Dr Jo Waller and Dr Christian von Wagner

Contact: Charlotte Vrinten (c.vrinten[at]ucl.ac.uk)


University of Leeds