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Get Creative

Get Creative is a programme of work run in partnership with the BBC designed to understand more about how creative activities affect our emotions and mental health.

The first part of this study The Great British Creativity Test completed data collection in May 2018 and involved cross-sectional data from 50,000 respondents exploring engagement in art activities (such as dancing, singing, playing music, painting or acting), technical or technological activities (such as woodwork, metalwork, animations and film-making), and related creative hobbies (such as cookery, reading and gardening). A sister study (Virtual Choir V) of 3,000 people was subsequently conducted in partnership with the Virtual Choir (led by Eric Whitacre) and the Space Telescope Science Institute, exploring engagement in virtual creative activities compared to live creative activities. The second part of this study The Feel Good Test completed data collection in July 2019 and involved cross-sectional data from 45,000 respondents exploring barriers and enablers of engagement in creative activities amongst different populations.

The datasets from the study have now been publicly released on the Open Science Forum (Great British Creativity Test & Feel Good Test).

Principal Investigator: Dr Daisy Fancourt

Contact: Dr Daisy Fancourt

Collaborators: Professor Robert West, Dr Claire Garnett, Dr Neta Spiro (RCM) and Professor Daniel Mullensiefen (Goldsmith's University of London)