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Social Determinants of Cognitive Ageing UK & Japan

International Symposium on Cognitive ageing and Dementia UK & Japan


An international symposium named "Biopsychosocial determinants of cognitive ageing and dementia: perspectives from the UK, and Japan" was organised on Wednesday, 6 November 2019 at Friends House, London, bringing together senior researchers working on cognitive ageing and dementia from the UK and Japan.

Welcome. Dr. Dorina Cadar & Professor Andrew Steptoe

Professor Andrew Steptoe, UCL, UK The English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA): A platform for cross-national research on cognition and dementia Perspectives from Japan

Professor Hiroyasu Iso, Osaka University, Japan Biological and social determinants for the development and advancement of dementia: A collaborative epidemiological study

Professor Tsuyoshi Sekitani, Osaka University, Japan Imperceptible Brain Monitoring System-Flexible Portable Electronics

Professor Shuichi Nishio, Osaka University Japan (via Skype) Studies on Interactive Robots: Applications to older individuals

Professor John Galacher

Professor Carol Brayne, University of Cambridge, UK What have we learnt from population studies of dementia?

Professor Gill Livingston, UCL, UK Potentially modifiable risks for dementia-adding to the list

Dr. Andrew Sommerlad, UCL, UK Social participation and dementia risk: Findings from the Whitehall II Study

Dr. James Pickett Alzheimer Society UK UK response to the global challenge on dementia

Discussions (Discussant Professor Andrew Steptoe, UCL, UK)

Cross-cohort initiatives (Chair Dr Professor Alison Park)