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Social determinants of dementia in the UK and Japan


This project will set up the groundwork for investigating between-countries variations in dementia incidence, socioeconomic inequalities, as well as behavioural factors associated with dementia incidence in the UK and Japan. Such cross-country investigations are imperative, since these countries experience opposite trends in dementia incidence, with a decline in the UK and an increase in Japan.

The project aims to facilitate the cross-cohort investigations of three longitudinal studies of ageing: the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing in the UK, the Japan Collaborative Cohort Study and Japan Gerontological Evaluation Study of Aging to address the following research questions:

1. What are the social determinants of dementia in England and Japan?

2. What are the exploratory mechanisms of the divergent trends in dementia incidence observed in England and Japan?

3. What are the critical differences between the social determinants of dementia in England and Japan?

The project is supported by a steering group of representatives from the Department of Health, Public Health England, the Royal Society for Public Health, Age UK and Alzheimer's Society.

Read more information about the project activities here.

This study is funded through an ESRC-AHRC research grant awarded to Dr Dorina Cadar.

Principal Investigator: Dr Dorina Cadar

Co-Investigators: Professor Andrew Steptoe (University College London, UK), Professor Hiroyasu IsoDr Kokoro Shirai (Osaka University, Japan)

Contact: Dr Dorina Cadar